Best Cat Food for Older Cats with Bad Teeth – Your All-Time Purchase Guide in 2022


So, what measures do you take to ensure that your cat’s dental health is as required? Many are surprised there are ways of ensuring your cat is in the right state of dental health. Others assume an old cat should only be eating milk. Well, leaving the past to the past, I am Nora, and I am here to educate you on the best food for cats with bad teeth.

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My vast expertise in cat handling and caring has put me in a better position to share with you the type of food I feed pets in my rescue center. That way, we will be solving the old cat feeding dilemma together at affordable costs.

Apart from the expertise I have on cat handling, I have prepared this blog since dental issues with cats are very common. Any cat proprietor needs to beware of the costless solutions accessible for a natural pet tending.

Best Cat Food for Older Cats with Bad Teeth – Reviews and Purchase Guide

Despite many manufacturers putting in a helping hand in providing food for old cats with bad teeth, a choice on the best dish doesn’t come easily. Quality, affordability and nutrition content in the foods differ. This makes it hard for amateurs and even pros to choose.

But with my expertise in the matter, you should be worrying less about the issue as the following reviews are in place for a satisfactory purchase. You will also be in a position to see the best picks, best rated, and best value for money from the items under review. Besides that, all reviews are arrived at through a close consideration to:

    • Affordability;
    • Shelf life;
    • Ease of digestion;
    • Constituents.

I have arranged the reviews from the most recommended to the least popular foods. So, go through them and find the best match for your demands.

1. Best-Rated Soft Food for Cats with Bad Teeth: Royal Aging Canin 12+ Wet Cat Food

A solution to your aging pet wouldn’t seem complete without the use of these perfectly packed wet food. The dish is suitable for senior cats over 12 years old. They are hence made in every way possible for smooth grinding and digestion by your old-playful friend.

The nutrition content of these foods is what separates them from many expensive brands. They contain carbohydrates, proteins, and fats mixed in the most appropriate ratio. This will suit even the pets that are a bit picky when it comes to eating.

Whereas joint complications are a problem with all aging cats, the food offers a solution to the same through the omega-3 vitamin present. It helps keep the joints in line and strong, longer than you can imagine.

When it comes to grinding, the food has been sliced to meet the need of every senior pet, including the toothless ones. It is easy to digest, given the way it is wet. The moisture content helps keep your pet hydrated even when they opt to avoid drinking water. The well looked into phosphorus level in the food is ideal for those cats suffering from kidney-related issues.

An exciting factor is that the relatively natural and spicy ingredients are used for making the product. This makes it the best cat food for senior cats with bad teeth as it is suitable for any pet’s craving. I highly recommend you purchase it right now for a long and healthy pet life.

  • Suitable for kidney support
  • Easy to digest
  • Thinly sliced
  • Good for strong joints
  • Highly nutritious
  • Relatively expensive

2. Protein-rich Food for Cats with Bad Teeth: Iams Proactive Health Senior Adult Dry Cat Food

A 16-pound bag of cat food is all you get at an affordable price when you settle on the Iams Proactive Senior Cat Food. The long shelf life makes it possible for you to purchase the item in high quantities; thus saving shipping costs as there are no frequent purchases.

The meal is highly nutritious and blended with essential nutrients. Immune response in aging cats lowers, putting them at high risk of contracting diseases. However, with the Iams Proactive Cat Food being enriched with vitamins, the immune response is perfectly restored for a healthy life.

It is rich in protein cat food, given the way chicken is the meal’s main constituent. Inclusion of essential elements such as calcium and potassium plays a vital role in nourishing strong bones and flexible joints.

Despite dry food being perfect for cats with bad teeth, it keeps them in dire need of water, and having some next to the pet will do a great deal of good. When introducing the cat food for bad teeth, it is essential to mix it with the current meal for about a week. That way, you will reduce the risk of your cat, not feeding on the meal as it will seem strange to her at first.

With low cost, I see no reason to warn you against the purchase of this product. You may, however, be required to add more flavor as the meal is available in chicken flavor. All in all, the item is worth every penny spent, and thus a highly recommended product.

  • Protein-rich
  • Ideal for strong bones and joints
  • Long shelf life
  • Highly nutritious
  • Available in a single flavor

3. Best Dry Cat Food for Bad Teeth: Hill’s Science Diet Dry Food

As your cat gets older, a constant need to keep her on a diet becomes crucial. It helps keep her out of the risk of contracting diseases. Likewise, a proper diet will keep the cat out of the danger of death as a result of deteriorating health.

Since bad teeth problems are more familiar with senior cats, it is highly advisable to feed them on dry food. Nutrition aside, soft dry foods for cats with bad teeth are easy to grind and will not go rancid quickly. The cost is also low, and this ensures you constantly keep on feeding your pet without financial constraints.

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Food is among the highly recommended food for senior cats. It is highly nutritious and contains natural ingredients. It is enriched with vitamins for a healthy cat skin and fur.

The inclusion of fiber in the diet makes the meal easy to digest and thus perfectly suitable for aging cats. It contains well-balanced minerals ensuring you do not need to add other supplements.

The cost of the product is a bit high, but it remains the number one recommended by the veterinarian. Its price is due to the large size of the package delivered. The product is made in the USA, giving you the least to worry about its quality. I highly recommend you purchase the item without hesitation.

  • Easily digestible
  • Contains natural constituents
  • Vitamin enriched
  • Delivered in a large package
  • Cost is relatively high

4. Hartz Delectables Cat Treats

With the Hartz Delectables, you have an opportunity to select from a wide variety of items available. Whether you need food for a kitten, aging, or senior cat, you do not have to worry as the same manufacturer produces all items. Finding a lump of real tender meat and natural flavored food for the need of all cats has been made possible.

The item under review is, however, suitable for senior cats aged above 10 or 15 years. The many flavors present in the meal makes it simple to choose the item over other costly meals. Your pet will never get enough of the food as it is mixed with real fish, chicken, veggies, and shrimp for a perfectly balanced diet.

It is sweet and nutritious soft food for cats with bad teeth. The Hartz Delectables Wet Food is tender and easy to digest, so it doesn’t pose problems to your aging cat’s bad teeth. The meal is blended with vitamins for your cat’s overall health. It is easy to tear and serve.

The cost is low, given the size of the package delivered. Besides that, you will be able to save a fortune if you consequently order from the seller through the massive discounts going down.

The food has been absolutely suitable for my 15-year-old cat. I settled on the meal after a few months of unsuccessful attempts with other foods. Since I started using the feed, muscles have remained strong, the cat can drink a lot of water, and most importantly, eat to her satisfaction. I highly recommend you purchase today and get value for money like never before.

  • Unlimited choice of flavors
  • It contains real meat
  • Low cost
  • Suitable for cats over 15 years
  • Tender for easy digestion
  • Short shelf life since it is wet

5. Gluten-Free Food For Cats With Bad Teeth: I and Love and You Naked Essentials Canned Wet Cat Food

This wet food is free of gluten and other ingredients that can negatively affect cats with bad teeth. For example, the feed does not contain fillers such as rice or corn. So, if you are looking to purchase premium food that includes only natural fish and meat ingredients, this food is a great option. The food does not contain starch, flavor enhancers, preservatives, and spices.

It contains useful protein and completely misses bones and other elements that can be difficult for an animal with bad teeth to chew. It may also include vegetables that are good for your pet.

  • Natural components
  • The variety of tastes
  • Grain-free
  • Short shelf life

6. Purina Beyond Wild Natural Adult Cat Food for Older Cats with Bad Teeth

In the event the low cost of the wet food doesn’t compel you to purchase the product, then the review below will cast any doubt from existence. Is wet food bad for cats’ teeth? Many people will not recommend feeding your cat with wet food, especially if bad teeth are a problem for your pet.

But with the Purina adult cat food, that’s not the case. The food is wet but not mushy. Turkey meat is the main ingredient here. The most exciting thing is the way it is not the only constituent, as a mixture of liver and quails adds the required wild, yet natural flavor to the meal. The meal tenderness makes it possible for the cat to grind with no problem at all.

The meal’s easiness of digestion should be the least of your concerns as it contains enough water for smooth assimilation. As your aging cat develops muscle problems, the food contains enough protein to keep them healthy for long. The reflexes will not fade away as the cat will be feeding on wild food, packed, and checked for the right mineral composition.

My recommendation is you purchase the item without hesitation. The low cost, high quality, and quantity give the best value for money.

  • Contains real meat constituents
  • Highly rich of proteins
  • Low cost
  • Easy to digest
  • Short shelf life

7. Affordable Cat Food for Bad Teeth: Blue Buffalo Healthy Aging Dry Cat Food

Dry cat food is highly recommended for aging pets. A choice on the item puts any senior cat feeding problems at bay for long. The most exciting thing is how you can subscribe to a monthly or a delivery plan of your choice so that you do not struggle to look for the item every time you need to purchase.

Buying in large quantities will help reduce the overall cost of the goods. The long shelf life of the item will make a huge chunk purchase possible. The food is natural, and it doesn’t contain any by-products or artificial flavors. The main meal is meat suitable for providing the cat with the required proteins for healthy bones.

It contains chicken meat, and this makes it worth craving for even for those picky cats. Whole grains and veggies add the needed minerals and vitamins for a healthy pet.

The product is ideal for aging cats as it contains nutrients for healthy immune system support.

A comparison of the product size and cost gives the best value for money. You will never regret making the product the main meal for your aging cat. I highly recommend you purchase without hesitation. Subscribe to a monthly delivery for unbeatable discounts.

  • Made of natural products
  • Ideal for aging cats
  • Affordable
  • Long shelf life
  • The delivered quantity is large
  • Contains only a single chicken flavor

8. Soft Food for Cats with Bad Teeth: Purina Pro Senior 7+ Canned Wet Cat Food

If you are wondering what to feed a cat with bad teeth, the product should be your ideal solution. It is suitable for senior cats above seven years. It is chicken flavored. Additionally, chicken meal is the main ingredient and provides the required proteins for strong muscles.

The meal is available at an affordable cost to meet the needs of anyone under a strict budget. The Purina 7+ Wet Food contains fiber which is highly essential in the digestion. The presence of beef flavor makes the meal stand out as your cat will not be used to a single flavor. This ensures they do not lose interest in the food.

Vitamins present in the meal guarantee a strong immune during the old age. The food is likewise essential for a healthy coat. With the food being wet, issues with digestion are no longer a bother to your pet.

The food is canned, and this helps ease its storage. When introducing the meal, there is a need to mix it with the current meal for a period not exceeding one week before you start feeding the cat on the Purina 7+ Food alone.

Having fed my pet on the meal for quite a while, I have seen a lot of improvements in terms of weight gain and skin smoothness. The only con in the product is the way it is only suitable for cats up to the age of 10. Beyond that, you will be required to look for other more nutritious and naturally flavored meals. All in all, I recommend the meal for pets below ten years.

  • Chicken or beef flavored
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for smooth skin
  • Ideal for a strong immune system
  • Not suitable for senior cats above ten years

Is Wet Food Good for Bad Teeth?

Well, wet food has a lot of advantages for cats. It contains more water, which ensures the cat stays hydrated all day long. This keeps the pet off the danger of urinary tract diseases.

What to Feed an Old Cat with Bad Teeth

Cat is licking

The main thing to consider when making your choice of cat food for cats with bad teeth is how easy it will be for the pet to grind. Besides that, the food should be nutritious for a healthy pet. Thus, the ideal kind of feeding such cats is small chunks of food.

That way, they won’t struggle to grind, and it will enable them to eat as much as they can. Additionally, as most cats grow old, they drink water less frequently. Well-moisturized food, therefore, is ideal as it will help keep their body hydrated at all times.

Soft foods, however, add to the dental problem progress. It is advisable to ensure the pet feeds on better chunks of dry food as opposed to soft food. Canned food is also an option with great nutritious benefits.

Also, ensure the food is in line with the required diet. Feeding on one type of food may lead to imbalanced development, which may, in the end, lead to unhealthy pets. High protein food will help prevent such problems.

In the event the issue is still progressing after the right diet application, it is crucial to seek professional help and find a way to escape bad teeth in the future. A professional cleaning may be the best solution to take as it would help remove those clogs on teeth that may end up damaging them.

What to Feed an Old Cat with No Teeth​

Domestic cat is eating

Grinding becomes hard for your cats when they lose teeth. Feeding such pets becomes a bit tough as you might be wondering what to give them other than liquid food. However, lack of adequate nutrients in such foods may pose worse challenges than the already existing ones.

Soft dry foods become the ideal solution to feed cats with no teeth. The texture of the food is suitable for your pet to grind with no problem. They are also highly nutritious and easy to digest. The foods have a long shelf life, and this ensures you can buy the food in large quantities without fear of getting expired. When buying in large numbers, the cost is slashed, and you end up making significant saves on cost.

Besides that, the food is well-balanced, and despite the fact they are termed as dry, they contain a small percentage of water to help with digestion. Mushy foods are not ideal for feeding your toothless cat as they will get stuck on the gums, and it may take your pet more than an hour trying to remove the stuck chunk. Such situations will affect how much the pet can feed on and lead to deteriorating health.

Closing Remarks

As I wrap up my detailed reviews on the top 7 best cat food for cats with bad teeth, I believe that you have decided on the ideal product for your pet. Should you have any challenge when buying, comment in the section below.

I highly recommend soft dry cat food for cats with bad teeth as they are cheap, easy to store for long, highly nutritious, and most contain natural ingredients. They are also easy to grind and improves your cat’s water drinking habits.

When introducing a meal, it is vital to mix it with the current food in reasonable portions for no longer than seven days. This would enable the cat to adapt to the meal gradually, and it helps avoid wastage if the pet gets picky initially.

For pet lovers with senior cats, what measures do you take to ensure good health for your pets? What meals do you feed your senior cats with bad teeth? Leave your comment below, as your feedback is highly appreciated.

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  1. For a cat to live a happy and long life, it needs good care. Moreover, both old cats and small kittens need special care because old cats and kittens have a weak body. Adult cats eat less than young cats. Therefore, to avoid obesity, you need to reduce the amount of food and reduce fatty foods in their diet. If your cat eats special food, you need to purchase soft food for cats with bad teeth that are created for older animals. If a cat eats only natural food, it needs to be well chopped, because old cats suffer from tooth problems.

  2. If you want to extend the life of your pet, try to protect the cat from obesity. The old cat isn’t as active as younger cars, therefore it requires 30% fewer calories. If the cat gains weight, then the load on vital organs will increase. But despite the fact that the cat eats less, its food must be of high quality and balanced in order to provide the animal with the necessary nutrients. First of all, old cats need high-quality protein. The food should not contain a lot of meat or low-quality protein. You should also consider buying food for old cats with bad teeth.

  3. Your veterinarian may recommend your cat stay on its current food, but they may also recommend switching to different feeding formula or even a therapeutic diet based on the diagnosis of a specific medical problem. Nutrition is very important! If your cat has dental problems, consult your vet about the cat food for cats with bad teeth.

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