6 Cat Food Mats To Buy in 2022: Reviews and Comparison


Having a cat is one of the best things you can do, but you need to know how to take care of the animal. It needs care and attention, just like any other pet. Perhaps you have always had a cat, but it’s feeding process still leaves your floor messy. Additionally, you may own such a mat, but you feel like it is time to replace it. In all these cases, it is time to get a new cat food mat.

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My name is Nora, a cat lover, the founder and leading author of this blog. My love for cats has led me to become a veterinarian. I am in the process of becoming a certified feline veterinarian. Besides, I plan to open my cat rescue center in the future. Therefore, if you are confused about the best cat food mat, I am here to answer your questions.

Having interacted with cats for quite a while, I would suggest that you consider the following six cat feeding mats. For each, I have described the product features and provided a rating for each capability. Besides, I have a list of pros and cons to guide you better in your search for a cat feeding mat. However, let us first look at the importance of a cat food mat.

Top 6 Best Cat Feeding Mats Reviews

In this section, I provide a review of the 6 cat feeding mats that I think are suitable for daily needs. My reviews are based on criteria like its weight, water resistance ability, durability, absorbency, ways of cleaning, and how economical it is.

1. Easyology Premium Cat Food Mat

This is one of the top-rated cat feeding mats that will give you a value for your money because it is quite a tough wearing, owing to the material it is made of.

Water Resistance: 10/10

This is one of the cat feeding mats with watertight design. Additionally, the cat food mat raised edges for this specific product shield your floor surfaces because no matter how huge the mess is, it cannot spill over. Furthermore, it is relatively large, which ensures that your floor surface is well protected. It is a 17.5 by 14 inches mat.

Lightweight: 7/10

This cat feeding mat comes with a shipping weight of 11.2 ounces. This is somehow heavy compared to some other cat feeding mats. Its weight could be attributed to the size and elevated edges, which is a plus if your cat is a messy feeder.

Easy to Clean: 10/10

With this cat feeding mat, cleaning is an easy task. It is quite sizeable to accommodate any mess made by your cat. Besides, no matter how messy it gets, it does not take long to clean.

Durability: 10/10

This cat feeding mat is highly long-lasting. It is made of recycled polypropylene, a hard-wearing material. As such, with this cat feeding mat, costs for replacement are quite low.

Value for Money: 10/10

Based on its properties like a skid-proof design, durability, size, and high water resistance, I guarantee that the cat feeding mats will give you value for your money.

Absorbency: 9/10

An additional impressive feature of this cat food mat is its permeability. It is manufactured using 100% recycled polypropylene, which absorbs less than 0.01% of water when soaked in it.

  • Water-resistant
  • Harmless to your cat
  • Highly durable
  • Not safe for use with a dishwasher

2. PetFusion Waterproof Cat Feeding Mat

This is a sought cat feeding mat because it is made using premium grade silicon. It also has other features that will impress you.

Water Resistance: 10/10

Made of premium grade silicone, the perfusion cat feeding mat is impervious to water. As such, your floor’s surface is the least of your worries when using this cat food mat.

Lightweight: 7/10

The PetFusion cat feeding mat weighs 11.4 ounces, which is relatively bulky compared to some other lighter cat feeding mats.

Easy to Clean: 10/10

This is a cat food mat whose cleaning takes no effort. Furthermore, it will not get destroyed even if you put it in a dishwasher.

Durability: 10/10

This cat food mat is designed using anti-slip bumps on both sides, which ensures that your cat does not need to run with food during feed time. In addition, it is designed to withstand repeated use.

Value for Money: 10/10

I would vouch for this as one of the most affordable cat feeding mats, compared to its features. Therefore, getting it will give you value for your money.

Absorbency: 3/10

The cat feeding mat, however, does not easily absorb moisture. Therefore, if you do not clean it often, food could start piling on it. This could result in a stench or even lower your cat’s feeding hygiene.

  • Waterproof
  • It is highly durable
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • It lacks absorbency abilities

3. Reopet Silicon Cat Feeding Mats

This cat food mat is one that should be among your top picks because it is quite affordable and can offer other necessary features. Also, it is made of silicone.

Water Resistance: 10/10

Your search for a water-resistant cat food mat should start with this Reopet product. It is manufactured using silicone material, which is highly resistant. This material satisfies FDA standards meaning that it is of high quality.

Lightweight: 9/10

The Reopet cat feeding mat weighs 9.1 ounces, which is relatively light. This means that it is easy to carry around, especially when cleaning. In addition, it means that it will cost you less to ship it compared to heavier cat feeding mats.

Easy to Clean: 10/10

The Reopet mat can be cleaned effortlessly. You may use water directly or even clean with a wet rag. In addition, if you own a dishwasher, do not be afraid to use it to take the dirt of this mat.

Durability: 10/10

As mentioned, this cat food mat is manufactured using silicone material that has earned approval from the FDA; consequently, it is durable. Moreover, you do not have to worry about placing this mat near a source of heat as it is made to withstand high heat levels. It is also non-toxic, which also shows that it is designed to last long.

Value for Money: 10/10

The Reopet mat for cat food is also relatively affordable, considering its features. Therefore, I would say that it is worth buying a mat.

Absorbency: 5/10

Nonetheless, this cat feeding mat keeps water and food on it, since its design has raised outer borders. You have to clean the mat often.

  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Water-resistant
  • It is comparatively affordable
  • It is not highly absorbent

4. CatGuru Silicone Cat Food Mat

This product has an inimitable design and is impermeable. These are the features that you would want to think about when choosing a cat feeding mat.

Water Resistance: 10/10

CatGuru is among the impervious silicone cat feeding mats. With this cat food mat, you will enjoy longer use before each wash because it can dry faster naturally.

Lightweight: 8/10

Moreover, the CatgGuru cat food mat weighs 10.9 ounces, which is considerably light compared to cat feeding mats like Easyology and PetFusion. Therefore, you can move it around with ease. In addition, this feature will allow you to easily pack it when traveling.

Easy to Clean: 10/10

Another thing I like about this cat feeding mat is its ease of cleaning and fast dry. This means I do not have to wait long to use it again. It is safe for cleaning by hand and also with a dishwasher.

Durability: 10/10

This cat feeding mat is sturdy. Furthermore, it is harmless to your cat because it is not toxic.

Value for Money: 10/10

The CatGuru feeding mat is also considerably affordable because of a unique design and other features like cat food mat spill-proof.

Absorbency: 5/10

The only downside of this cat food mat is the lack of high absorbency abilities. Therefore, there might be a need to clean it often to avoid bad odor.

  • Considerably affordable
  • It is harmless to your cat
  • Impermeable
  • Not highly absorbent

5. DesignSter Lucky Pet Food Tray: Cat Spill-Proof Food Mat

If you are a person who likes traveling with your cat, you might want to consider this cat feeding mat because it is considerably light to carry around.

Water Resistance: 10/10

The DesignSter cat feeding mat is highly water-resistant, meaning that once you wash, it dries very easily. In addition, it means that it is not affected by water spillages.

Lightweight: 10/10

This cat food mat weighs 8.2 ounces, which is very light compared to the other reviewed cat feeding mats. Due to this, traveling with it is quite easy. It is also easy to move around the house.

Easy to Clean: 8/10

Cleaning this mat is an easy task. It is also fast-drying, and as such, you can reuse it instantly.

Durability: 10/10

This cat feeding mat is hard-wearing. In addition, it is made to withstand high temperatures up to 230˚F. The use of a microwave is also allowed. It is non-toxic, hence cannot cause harm to your cat.

Value for Money: 9/10

Considering its features like tolerance to very high temperatures and raised edges, it is sold at a relatively affordable price. I would vouch for this cat feeding mat.

Absorbency: 4/10

This cat food mat is not absorbent as it is made of silicon. Thus, you might have to check on it often and clean it.

  • It is impervious to water
  • The use of microwave with this mat is allowed
  • Its design includes raised edges. Hence, it guarantees less food spillage
  • It is not dishwasher friendly

6. Shunai Mat for Cat Food

If silicone cat feeding mats do not impress you, other materials like PVC will do. Therefore, if you are looking for a cat feeding mat made using such a material, you should consider the Shunai mat.

Water Resistance: 10/10

Imperviousness is a characteristic of this cat food mat. Thus, it dries easily and fast enough, meaning that you can use it immediately after cleaning.

Lightweight: 3/10

This cat feeding mat is considerably heavy. It weighs 2.36 pounds, and this could be attributed to its material.

Easy to Clean: 10/10

With this cat feeding mat, you will not experience any cleaning difficulties. Besides using water, you may shake off the dirt. In addition, a vacuum cleaner can be used on this mat, allowing immediate use.

Durability: 6/10

The material on this cat feeding mat is not highly durable in comparison to the others made of different materials. This is because PVC is less resistant to heat and the cold compared to silicone.

Value for Money: 7/10

In comparison to the other cat feeding mats that I have reviewed, my opinion is that the Shunai cat food mat does not offer the best quality for your money. Good size makes it relatively highly-priced.

Absorbency: 6/10

The PVC material used to make this cat feeding mat is relatively absorbent compared to a cat rubber feeding mat. Therefore, you need to check it after a few feeding sessions and see whether you need to clean it before the next use.

  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • It is a relatively large-sized mat
  • It is not a lightweight mat

Why a Cat Food Mat is Necessary​

Cat is eating cat food

Most times, we place cat food bowls in the same position so that the cats become accustomed to their feeding space. In such a case, you would need a cat feeding mat to help protect the floor of your surface. For example, in case the bowl starts rusting, you are certain that the rust does not directly touch the floor surface.

Besides, with a cat feeding mat, your floor cleaning duty becomes less regular. A cat feeding mat would come in handy in all cases. Additionally, a cat feeding mat minimizes the probability of food spillage. You should note that there is no difficulty with cleaning a cat feeding mat.

Comparing Cat Feeding Mats’ Materials​

Cat feeding mats

The consideration of the material used for making a cat food mat before purchasing it is important because it determines its other qualities like the way to wash it and its permeability. Some mats are made using silicone, while others are manufactured using fabrics.

Silicone Cat Food Mat

This material is considerably versatile and watertight. Thus, the cat food mats made of this material are relatively easy to handle when cleaning. In addition, these kinds of mats can withstand high temperatures, and this is why most can be washed in the dishwasher.

Fabric Cat Feeding Mat

Fabric materials are also used in manufacturing some of these mats. They are usually available in a wide range of colors and designs. Nonetheless, it is essential to consider deeper characteristics of such materials to ensure that you get the best quality.

Why Choose a Silicone over a Fabric Cat Food Mat

I would suggest you choose a silicon one. This is because unlike fabrics, silicone has low thermal conductivity. This means that you need not worry about using heat on the silicone mat. Also, silicone is associated with low toxicity, which means that it is harmless to your cat’s health.

Another reason you should consider silicone mats over the fabric ones is that the latter does not absorb water. This means that you must keep checking to ensure your floor’s surface is not soaked. On the contrary, silicone mats hold water on top because they are waterproof.

Are You Ready to Make Your Choice?

Many cat lovers are overwhelmed by the variety of cat feeding mats available. If you are one of them, the reviews and recommendations I have provided may ease your confusion. You should always balance the pros against the cons of each product before settling on one.

In addition, you should always consider the various features for each product before making your choice. For example, for some people, durability is the priority, while for others, the ease of removing dirt plays the key role. Thus, be guided by your priority feature. Have you used a cat feeding mat before? What is your experience?

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  1. Recently, I’ve got my cat a shunai mat for cat food, and it’s absolutely stunning! But the thing is, Laura (my cat) started to scratch it. Does anyone know why do cats scratch their food mat?

    • Cats cannot help sharpening their claws. For them, it is as natural as for us to brush our teeth or take a shower. Just as a modern person could not have lived without basic amenities, a domestic cat cannot exist without a place where it can sharpen its claws.

      But if there is no such special place, then it will sharpen the claws on those surfaces that seem most suitable. Soft or leather furniture, wallpapers, mats are perfect for a cat if it does not have a special claw sharpening point.

  2. Reply
    Soutructench1985 03.11.2019 at 09:04

    Love this article, thanks, Nora! However, I also wanted to know if anybody here really uses a cat mat for food. I want one, but I do want to know if this thing actually works. So, if anybody who reads this uses a cat food mat, please share some opinions with me!

  3. Reply
    _FlorenceBonami_ 09.11.2019 at 13:15

    Hello to all cat lovers! I’ve been a cat mom for more than 4 years already, but recently I’ve noticed that one of my cats does a strange thing. Can you say why does my cat bury her food mat?

    • Cats leave their smell to mark their territory and send away strangers, as well as to indicate their high position in the hierarchy of cat pride. At the same time, the cat in nature is the object of hunting for larger predators, so it needs to cover its tracks by digging in any evidence of its presence. If your cat is burying its mat, then perhaps it just smells to sharp, so the cat does what it should.

  4. I think that the mat for cat food is a super useful thing. When your cat is feeding, it might scatter the food around, and a mat prevents your room from the mess. Moreover, the mats are easy to clean. You can just put it in the dishwasher for 20 minutes or clean it by yourself.

  5. 100% agree! Cat feeding mats are cool! They can also indicate the territory for your cat. So it won’t carry its bowl to other places. If you’re about to get one, consider the Reopet silicon cat feeding mat. I’ve got one for my cat several weeks ago and it is so adorable to look at!

  6. I think everyone knows how annoying a cat’s behavior can be. Why do cats paw at the food mat when they already have food and water? He cannot be hungry if he has a full bowl…Does he not like the food in it? Or maybe the food is no longer fresh?

    • Experts studying the behavior of domestic cats think that they try to draw their master’s attention to the bowl not because they want to receive an additional portion of food at all. They want our attention. During feeding, we’re usually concentrated on the cat at 100%. When we fill our pet’s bowl, we often talk to them and gently stroke them. This moment is so pleasant for the cat that they want to experience it as often as possible.

  7. I love my cat so much. She’s the sweetest creature on Earth, however, she’s also the messiest one. Last week I got her a new food mat made of rubber. it’s super nice and lovely, but it gets dirty too soon. Do you know how to clean rubber cat food mats?

    • Hi! I also have a rubber cat food mat. They are very easy to clean. I usually clean up the mat using a dishwasher. Just fold the mat and put it in the washer for 15-20 minutes. If the mat is too dirty, wash it for 30-40 minutes. That’s all! However, if you don’t own any dishwasher, you can do it by yourself and wash the mat using the washing powder.

  8. I want to get one of the personalized cat food mats! Are there any online stores where you can get such a mat? I’ll be so grateful if anybody shares links! I think this will be a good present for my friend’s cat. Can you believe they are throwing a party for her birthday?

  9. Hello! Thanks for a great article, Nora! It is really useful if you don’t have much time to choose food mats. Actually, that’s why I’m writing this comment. Can you please advise how large should cat food mat be?

    • Thanks for your kind words, Alexa! In fact, to choose the proper food mat size for your cat, you have to consider their behavior when they eat. If your cat is likely to be messy and scatter the food all over the place, it is a reason to get a bigger mat. But if your pet is calm and neat, you have to get a food mat that isn’t smaller than food and water bowls. Hope this helps!

  10. My friend advised me to mix the regular cat food with wet meals. Is this healthy for the pet? Is wet food bad for cats teeth?

    • Many vets say that a cat’s diet should consist not only of dry but also of wet food since cats often do not consume enough water. Wet foods really contribute to solving this problem, they are also recommended for certain diseases and after certain surgeries. I think there’s no danger in giving your cat wet foods.

  11. Reply
    MadelineCatMom 19.12.2019 at 09:23

    I’ve read a lot about cat food. Some people say that any not natural cat food is bad for their teeth, some say that it’s not true. How about canned cat food? Is canned cat food bad for cats teeth?

    • Cats have very sharp teeth. Even their molars are not flat, like ours, but pointed. These teeth are intended to bite, tear and chew raw meat, and when a cat eats granular food, it either swallows it whole or crushes it into crumbs. Dry feed pellets do not clean teeth in places where gums are attached to them. Moreover, dry food can cause other health problems. The key to cats’ dental health is natural food and regular brushing.

  12. Hey! Can we talk about old cats? My Lizzie turned 13 last month, and I took her to the vet because she stopped to eat the regular cat food. It turned out her gums are inflamed. So, can you advise me what to feed an old cat with bad teeth?

    • Older cats lack vitamins and minerals because they are less absorbed by the organs or simply excreted through the kidneys and urine. Some older animals eat less, for example, due to diseases of the teeth and gums, so they do not receive a daily intake of vitamins and minerals. If your cat has bad teeth, it is recommended to feed the animal with canned food, as chewing dry solid food will cause pain. Don’t forget to buy proper vitamins, so the cat can receive all the needed microelements.

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