Best Dry Food for Sphynx Cats: Recommendations for Beginners

Before picking the best dry food for Sphynx cats, you have to learn more about your pet, including its health problems, character, and origin. Some of us still think that the Sphynx cat has something to do with Ancient Egypt, which is not true at all. This Canadian breed appeared only in 1966, although numerous breeders worldwide were trying to receive this cat from Donskoy and Peterbald Russian hairless breeds. Why? The main advantage of the cat is that it does not have fur, which causes allergies. Moreover, Sphynx has an exquisite nature and behaves like a cute active cat, which you have to consider while picking a specific diet.

All cats, no matter their breed, require their own diet. Meanwhile, Sphynx needs to eat more than other cats due to their high metabolism. Since this cat is hairless, it needs to keep the body warm by accumulating the energy that food can give. That’s why you have to feed the cat more than any furry cat. This article will help you to pick the best dry food options on the market, suitable for your cat from a young age to adulthood.

Top 7 Best Dry Food for Sphynx Cats

It is easy to get lost among the offers of dry food for cats on the modern market. While some of them are highly expensive, that does not mean they are equally good. Not all dry food is beneficial for the health of your cat.

1. Hill’s Science Diet Top Pick Best Dry Food for Sphynx Cats

You may choose between salmon a