How to Get a Sphynx Cat: General Recommendations and Nuances

Have you always thought about getting a cat but did not know which breed to choose? Then, I will tell you how to get a Sphynx cat in this article. This cat is graceful and beautiful but it needs special care to live long. This guide will be useful for you if you have some questions about buying this cat or are just thinking about whether to adopt a Sphynx cat.

You will learn which care a cat should have, the nuances related to the animal’s health, and which foods it should eat. Before that, I will tell you where you can adopt or buy a Sphynx cat. I will also explain whether these pets require clothes or if it is just a whim of their owners.

Where to Get a Sphynx and How to Care for It?

Here are a couple of actionable tips on where you can find a kitten and how to take care of it:

  1. Find a shelter or a breeder who has a Sphynx cat.
  2. Check out the Sphynx cat temperament.
  3. Check your pet’s health.
  4. See Sphynx care tips.
  5. Don’t forget to take your cat to the vet for regular checkups.

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Guide on How to Get a Sphynx Cat

Taking care of your pet will become an integral part of your life, so you must carefully familiarize yourself with how to care for a Sphynx before you welcome one into your home. First, I will tell you where you can get a pet and then provide information on how to care for your pet.

Make a list of animal shelters and breeders

Before you buy a hairless cat, you must carefully explore numerous shelters and breeders. You should do it to buy a purebred Sphynx. If you have any doubts about a breeder, you should find online reviews and carefully analyze the situation. If you have already chosen a shelter, ask them to supply you with documents on the kitten—for example, information about its parents or vaccinations.

You can call the owners of the pet’s parents and ask them personally all the questions about the origin of these cats. Then, carefully check all the statements you have heard in veterinary clinics. The animal must have all vaccinations and documents for them. After ensuring everything is fine with the kitten, you can take it home and honor the new family member.

Check your pet’s health

Although the animal should have all the vaccinations when you buy it, I still advise you to go to the veterinary clinic to check it again. This way, you can be sure that the pet is healthy. Although it can be quite costly, you will be sure that everything is fine. However, you will need to go to the doctor again after some time, so keep this in mind.

Learn its temperament

When choosing a cat, you need to pay attention to the pet’s temperament. It can be aggressive and active or very calm and affectionate. You need to find a pet that matches your temperament. Otherwise, you will not get along, and there might be conflicts.

Read about Sphynx cat care

The first thing you need to understand about Sphynx grooming is that they require frequent bathing. They do not have fur, and it is difficult for them to distribute oils over the skin. You need to bathe your cat every week. Wash the animal well with shampoo so that the pet does not have skin irritation later.

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Understand that Sphynxes are prone to health issues

Sphynxes are relatively healthy animals, but they need specific care to feel comfortable. Cats can have skin and heart problems due to genetics. In addition, Sphynx cats can develop hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) and should be checked by a veterinarian every year. It is also worth monitoring the pet’s nutrition to prevent diarrhea and other stomach disorders. In case of any illness, you will need to go to the doctor and not treat the animal by yourself because you can give it drugs that will only harm it. Therefore, I strongly recommend you visit the vet as soon as you notice that the animal is ill or does not behave normally.

Protect your Sphynx from cold weather and the sun

Sphynxes are sensitive to cold and heat because they lack hair, so it’s better to keep these pets indoors. If it’s cold in your apartment, it is best to dress your pet so that there is no hypothermia. You can choose different clothes since there are numerous offers on the market. It all depends on how cold it is in your apartment. Owners usually buy sweaters and T-shirts for their cats. You can find similar products in pet stores or on the Internet. You can also buy a heated bed to ensure that your pet is always warm.

Organize the toilet habits

You should also choose the right litter for a Sphynx cat. This way, your pet will not get irritated. It is best to select wood filler because of its high absorbent properties. This type of filler efficiently absorbs odors. As you can see, Sphynxes are relatively demanding pets, and you need to know all these nuances before buying one. However, there are only a few rules to make your pet feel good: Feed your pet properly and regularly check its health.

Love your pet and care for it

One of the most important things you can give your pet is your love. It plays a big role in your relationship with the pet. You should think carefully before buying a cat of this breed because if you are not ready to provide it with sufficient care, you will regret such a decision later. Taking care of your pet should be as important as taking care of yourself. Therefore, it is worth taking your animal only to the best specialists. Every year, you need to check the cat’s health to ensure that everything is fine.

Are You Ready to Get a Sphynx?

As you can understand after reading the article, Sphynxes are a very beautiful and demanding cat breed. You need to maintain a suitable temperature in your apartment and take care that the pet’s nutrition is appropriate and balanced. If you love your pet, all these problems seem insignificant. Take good care of your pet, and it’ll be fine.

Have you already addressed a breeder or a cat shelter? Are you ready to take essential care of your future pet? Which clothes would you like to buy to support it? Tell us about it in the comments.

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