Best Cat Food for Sphynx: Detailed Guide for Everyone

We used to treat the Sphynx breed as something out of this world. This is why it is natural that many people believe that the best cat food for Sphynx differs entirely from the diet of other cats. Maybe it is because Sphynx does not look like its fellow cats and does not have hair. Yet, the major requirements for the diet are similar to any other breed. Your cat needs lots of vitamins and nutrients.

Moreover, Sphynx will eat twice more than an average cat since it has a higher rate of metabolism. As you may have noticed, Sphynx cats are warm while bald. How is it possible? This breed does not have a coat of fur that warms it during cold days, so it has to consume more food to keep the temperature higher in its body.

If you are asking yourself what kind of food should I feed my Sphynx cat, you need to keep in mind that this breed is a carnivore and needs protein to stay healthy. Here I have picked the most beneficial food to the Sphynx diet. If you want to dig deeper, read this cat’s diet guide below.

Top 7 Best Cat Food for Sphynx

I have gathered here my top 7 favorite meals I usually recommend to Sphynx owners. These are also top options on the market, trusted by millions of cat owners, and made by well-known brands. Before you order anything, read the pros and cons table to be sure that this type of food suits your cat.

1. Instinct Original Top Pick Best Cat Food for Sphynx

Instinct is canned food for your cat, which I believe can easily be called universal for numerous breeds. It has several flavors, but I recommend chicken for Sphynx. You may also find cans with duck and salmon flavors. The best thing about it is that this food is grain free. The food is made by well-known cat food developer The Raw Brand, a US brand founded over 15 years ago. According to the national quality standard, the company produces cat food in cans and dry.

I recommend you start with one pack and check whether your cat likes it. One pack includes 4 cans inside. No matter the flavor, it contains 95 percent protein which the Sphynx breed requires more than anything else on foot. It also has 5 percent fruits and vegetables for the cat’s health. Unlike many other products on the market, this one does not contain empty fillers like potato, grain, corn, soy, or wheat. You can feed your cat of any age, even a kitten, after it switches from milk to meat.

  • Filled with proteins;
  • 95 percent is real meat;
  • Made without grain;
  • Can be served for kittens;
  • Trustable developer.
  • The pack contains only 4 cans that can be consumed really quickly.

2. Hill’s Healthy Sphynx Food: Best Choice for Kittens

This is dry top-quality cat food with chicken flavor that I recommend for kittens and adult cats. You may choose a 3.5-pound pack or a 7-pound pack. Inside the pack are pellets that improve your cat’s health and digestion, so you can easily clean the litter afterward. As a proud cat owner, I appreciate specific ingredients developers add inside, including the fish oil that helps to increase brain activity and restore eye health. Hill’s is a popular brand in the USA. They have an incredibly active position and donate food and money to pet shelters around the country.

This food belongs to the Science Diet line, which promotes the perfect combination of flavor and all the nutrients and vitamins your cat needs. Your Sphynx will help strengthen teeth and bones with all the minerals inside. The ingredients improve the health of the cat’s heart. Since you have a Sphynx cat who eats more than any other breed, I recommend you buy the biggest pack in advance.

  • Contains minerals and vitamins for cat needs;
  • There is fish oil inside;
  • Easy to digest;
  • Takes care of heart health;
  • Affordable price.
  • The pack is bulky, and you have to find a place under 100 F to keep it stored.

3. Nulo FreeStyle Cat Food for Sphynx Kitten and Cat