Turning а Sofa into a Cat Proof Couch: How to Choose a Cat Proof Couch Cover in 2022

Pets in the house bring joy to the residents but are the main enemies of furniture. Cats destroy the upholstery with their claws, dogs gnaw on wooden parts, and some “pull out” couches in sofas. You can protect new furniture from the attacks of claws if you choose the right cat proof couch protection material. The fabrics used for manufacturing such covers have unique properties and resistance to scratching with sharp objects. In this article, we will consider the features of cat-proof fabrics, find the best deals, and answer the most widespread questions about the best couch for cats covers.

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8 Best Cat Proof Couch Covers

Let’s see which couch protectors for cats can be used for making a room of cat-friendly furniture. The list contains options of both low-budget and premium picks, and all of them provide high-quality and durability of the product.

1. Best Couch Material for Cats: Granbest 4 Piece High Stretch Couch Covers

This is a perfect choice for those who need a 4-piece sofa cover. The package includes 1 sofa cover and 3 pillowcases that are especially designed for couches and sofas with separate cushions. This Granbest sofa cover material is made of spandex and polyester high-quality mix, making it not only a scratch-proof couch cover for cats but also a very fashionable and soft addition to any interior.

Additionally, with custom pillowcases and elasticated closure, this magic sofa cover will stay in place more securely and sit better.

The Granbest sofa cover with exclusive prints on soft, dense material and huge color variety can make your living room look stylish and modern. The fabric used for manufacturing is durable and more lasting than most of the available options on the market. It will make your home environment more comfortable by providing your guests with a nice sitting area.

This luxury cat-proof cover provides protection for your couch all around the world and has a rather long service life. It protects your furniture not only from cat scratches, pet hair, and damage but also helps reduce fading and is stain-resistant. This is a perfect choice for families who have pets with bad habits.

  • Durable material;
  • Amazing design;
  • Perfect for a sofa of any size.
  • Not found.

2. High-Quality Cat Proof Couch Cover: YEMYHOM Couch Cover in Jacquard Design

YEMYHOM’s all-new Magic Sofa Cover comes in a check design and is made from jacquard material. This option of cat cover not only protects your furniture but also makes it more fashionable and chic. The thick fabric used for manufacturing will fit your sofa perfectly.

The cover is rather durable, soft, and pleasant to touch. It won’t peel and fade even after 100 times you wash it and is breathable for any season.

This super-elastic pet cover for a couch is supple enough to fit most couch types. This cover is made of high-quality 95% polyester microfiber and 5% spandex fabric blend. It is mostly recommended for sofas made from leather or fabric. The YEMYHOM anti-slip sofa protection fits well and provides anti-stain and waterproof effects. It’s almost unbreakable, and whether you have a cat or dog with sharp claws, or your kids use the sofa as their sketchbook, you can be sure that your couch will be protected from all sides.

  • Many colors to choose from;
  • Stretchy and comfortable;
  • Pet-friendly but protective.
  • A bit expensive.

3. 100% Waterproof Cat Scratch Couch Protector: Mambe Furniture Cover

The Mambe Furniture sofa protector is a comfortable microfleece blanket with a reliable design. It’s made with a unique 100% waterproof membrane that provides full protection of your furniture together with a stylish look. It doesn’t matter whether you have to deal with pets or children that are likely to spill liquids on the sofa; this cover will become your first aid when it comes to protection.

You can use it for car/truck/RV upholstery as well. Caring for this product doesn’t take enough time since it’s suitable for machine cold-washing. I believe that this cat-proof couch cover will fit into any home and room decor while contributing to reliable protection.

Use the Mambe furniture cover to protect your bed or sofa from pet scratches, hair, and unpleasant stains that ruin the whole aesthetic. You don’t have to worry about the mess your cat can make anymore. This protecting cover comes in different sizes, so you can choose a suitable option for almost any soft furniture type. This beautiful and quality cover can become a nice compliment to any home interior.

  • Waterproof and extremely durable;
  • Looks good;
  • Machine washable.
  • The price might be a bit high.

4. Soft Material for Scratch Proof Couch: TAOCOCO Waterproof Sectional Couch Covers

The TAOCOCO L-shaped sofa cover is designed particularly for protecting furniture from cats. The mix of 88% polyester, 12% spandex, makes up a strong, flexible material that is durable enough to withstand any cat claws and fits most of the L-shaped sofa sizes. The TAOCOCO couch cover for cats is stretchy and soft, but it doesn’t get loosened. The one-piece design fits the whole sofa, so you don’t have to wrap each section separately. It’s easy to use and care for. What else a perfect couch cover needs?

The TAOCOCO sofa cat proof cover protects your furniture not only from accidental dirtying but is also a nice decoration to a living room. The material is almost waterproof, but you should be careful with alcohol-included liquids.

  • Water and dirt-proof;
  • Stretchy and fits a couch perfectly;
  • Easy to put on.
  • Fits only L-shaped sofas.

5. Stylish Pet Cover for Couch: RHF Velvet-Sofa Slipcover

Soft but high-quality velvet RHF couch protectors for cats deserve special attention. The material is hypoallergenic and pet-friendly. You can relax while petting your furry friend without being afraid its claws will harm the furniture.

Another thing is that taking care of a velvet cover is quite simple. Just regular vacuuming will be enough to keep it clean. In case of heavy dirt, use the hand wash in soapy water or neutral washing powder at temperatures up to 30 °C.

This case is comfortable and strap-free. It is also slip-resistant with an elasticated bottom, which means no straps are needed to secure it, and it stays exactly where you want it to be without shifting or movement. So, if you want an option of a cat resistant furniture cover that looks cool and provides good effect, pay attention to this variant.

  • Dense fabric;
  • Wear resistance and durability;
  • Minor damage is almost invisible.
  • Can cause bed bugs appearance.

6. Cat-Proof Furniture Cover Blanket: Sofa Shield Reversible Sofa Protector

Made from waterproof quilted fabric, this reversible scratch resistant furniture protector is perfect for a sofa, especially if you have a cat. Even if something is spilled, you can easily remove the cover, drain, wipe, and put it back on the sofa. Washing it in the machine will greatly simplify the care of the bedspread and make your life easier. Using a double-sided sofa cover is very easy.

Just put the cover on the sofa, secure it with the supplied rubber bands, and that’s it! There is no better barrier against pet hair, claws, accidental spills of drinks and food, and much more.

The Sofa Shield for protecting furniture from cats will not budge while you are sitting, and in a matter of seconds, it can be removed for washing. The overlays for the sofa’s “back” offer additional protection and comfort of use. The double-sided waterproof and cat-proof couch cover is great protection against dirt and pet claws. It can become an excellent and necessary gift, as well as just an irreplaceable thing if you have pets.

  • Double-sided material;
  • Designed to protect not only from pet claws;
  • Easy to put on a sofa.
  • Not recommended for leather sofas.

7. Invisible Couch Cover for Cats: Plastic Couch Cover Pets

The question of how to make your cat forget about scratching your sofa still bothers you? If soft fabric covers do not work for you, there’s a solution you might like. A plastic couch cover can be both a protector for a scratch proof couch and modern addition to your interior.

This extra-large plastic cover will fit securely and comfortably on any sofa size. It covers the entire length of the furniture item to prevent a cat from scratching the sides. To my mind, it is one of the best cat scratch protection ever created. If you need it, you can use the cover on couches indoors or outdoors. It is easy to take on and off and clean as well. Just wipe the cover with a damp cloth and let it dry. This type of cover is perfect for protecting a sofa from cat claws scratches.

  • Invisible and slippery;
  • Doesn’t leave a chance for your cat to scratch the sofa;
  • Easy to clean.
  • Not waterproof.

8. Reliable See-Through Couch Protectors for Cats: Clear Vinyl Furniture Protectors

This vinyl furniture case is made of thick and durable plastic that is resistant to cat scratches, no matter how persistent your pet is. The seams are also cat-resistant and can be hidden in the folds of the sofa for extra protection. Since this is a plastic cover, your cat can avoid your couch entirely, as cats don’t like lying on plastic very much.

If your cat does climb onto the couch, you have nothing to worry about as the cover turns your sofa into a cat-proof couch. It’s completely waterproof to keep out moisture and pet accidents. However, if you adhere to an eco-lifestyle, you may consider this material not suitable for your home interior.

  • Made exactly for protection from pets;
  • The price is likely to surprise you pleasantly;
  • Easy to apply and clean.
  • Plastic might be bad for those who lead an eco-lifestyle.


YEMYHOM Couch Cover Latest

Not sure if you made the right choice of cat-resistant furniture cover? Check out these questions to manage a successful purchase.

What is the best material for a couch with cats?

This question is probably not possible to answer. There are many types of scratch-resistant furniture covers to choose from. For example, the most popular are a flock, jacquard, chenille, arras, and pleather (vegan leather).

What kind of furniture do cats not scratch?

The main recommendations for choosing protection fabric for pet owners are:

  • Choose upholstery fabric with a tight weave that does not have a complex texture. These fabrics are usually marked as “anti-claw”, or “pet-friendly”;
  • Stay away from light colors. Even if you have a perfectly trained pet, it is better to choose charcoal gray, brown, or camel shades for upholstered furniture that will hide the fur and fit into almost any decor;
  • Choose upholstery specially designed for daily use. The best option would be to choose a fabric that is easy to clean and stain-resistant.

How do I protect my furniture from my cat?

Besides choosing the best couch material for cats, you also have to train your cat not to scratch its claws. You can do it on your own or ask for the help of a specialist.

Will cats scratch microfiber?

Microfiber is resistant to damage from pet claws because the base material is not interlaced and cannot be snagged.

Can cats scratch leather?

If there are no special scratching posts in the house and your cat does not have toys, of course, it will tear your leather sofa. To protect the leather sofa, you can use one of the couch covers for cat scratching.

Our Thoughts on Having a Cat-Proof Sofa

YEMYHOM Couch Cover Latest Jacquard

Now you know what they are and what you need to look for when buying special couch protectors for cats. There are many options for different needs, so you can easily find the one that matches your requirements. My recommendation is to take a closer look at the Granbest cat scratch couch protector. It’s suitable not only for the sofa but also for cushions protection. Moreover, it guarantees water and dirt-resistance.

Also, as a cat lover to a cat person, can you tell me whether you allow your kitties to lay on your soft furniture? Or are you a strict cat owner? Let me know in the comments section!

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