How to Stop Cats from Scratching the Couch?

Scratching aids cats in keeping their sharp ‘nails’ in great shape, stretching their necks and shoulders, defining their territorial boundaries, getting rid of boredom, and even relieving stress. However, that shredded couch of yours is probably not the best sight for your home-loving self. And it’s most likely the main reason why you’re here all anxious and looking for answers. You’ll get those answers in my today’s post. A good cat proof couch is among the best solutions for cat scratching. Read on for some more handy hacks and tips on how to stop cats from scratching the couch.

5 Tips on Stopping Cat from Scratching Furniture

Your kitty is very much into scratching; that’s a given. While scratching may seem like a destructive behavior to you, your ferocious furbaby views this disputable activity as absolutely healthy and natural. So, how to prevent cats from scratching furniture? Let me let you in on what exactly you can do to save your furniture and other household items from your furry buddy. Follow these tips and keep on enjoying multiple science-backed benefits of being a cat lover.

1. Understand the why of cat scratching

Pinpoint your cat’s scratching motives. Read more on the topic. Google ‘how to stop cats from scratching furniture’ extensively. You gotta realize that your furbaby doesn’t scratch your couch to bug you or destroy your possessions deliberately. To a cat, scratching is like working out to you. It exercises your kitty’s body and sharpens the claws.

Plastic Couch Cover Pets cat

In addition to this, did you know that cat paws are ‘equipped’ with scent glands? So they also scratch for the purpose of scent-marking their territory. These markings are imperceptible to humans but very noticeable to a multitude of other animals. By the way, don’t forget to be patient with your cat. Over time, with regular practice, your kitty will leave your couch alone and switch to the alternative scratching areas of your choice.

2. Offer alternative spots for scratching

cat on a scratching post

Looking to deter cats from scratching furniture and carpets? Trick them into thinking that there are other (read as better) scratching spots. Your furry buddies are very much into pillaging rigid surfaces that are good at resisting the pull of their fancy sharp nails and add up to their favorite stretching exercise. That being said, if you purchase a good cat scratching board or post (or a specialized multi-level piece of cat furniture), you can gradually make your furbaby switch from scratching your couch to getting their claws busy with their own scratching toy.

3. Trim your cat’s claws on a regular basis

Plastic Couch

You can groom your furbaby’s nails as an additional anti-scratch for cats. The best strategy is to start doing this when your furry buddy is a kitten. But if you have an older cat, make the most of the yummiest treats to help your furry friend get used to nail clipping. Focus on trimming the tip (curl) of your cat’s claw only (the white-only section) and always use sharp trimmers. Usually, you’re going to have to engage in this procedure every ten (or twenty) days. If you’ve never done the thing before, read on the topic of clipping your cat’s claws and consult with your vet.

4. Use water. Practice distraction & behavior correction

Cat Drink water

Squirt your cat with a spray bottle of water whenever the little stretchy scratcher goes near your couch with claws at the ready. As a result, your cat will instantly link scratching your couch with a highly unpleasant spritz of water. Also, try to figure out what may stress your furry buddy and keep the scratcher calm with distractions. Play with your cat, give them lots of love and attention, use cat toys to redirect your furbaby’s attention from the couch to the scratching post. Do not yell at your kitty. Instead, practice halting negative scratching behaviors. A strict ‘No’ usually helps redirect your cat’s attention to other, less harmful activities.

5. Invest in home protection

Gently and systematically push your feline buddy away from the couch they like to scratch. As an additional cat anti-scratch measure, protect your couch by investing in a stick-on layer to serve as a barrier between your furry pal and the area they’ve chosen as their favorite scratching spot. Make the most of the couch covers specifically designed to protect your furniture from your pet’s scratching activities. As an additional step, use clear packing tape along the edges of the couch. You can also purchase a few sprays with a bad-smelling herb to deter your cat from destroying your furniture. Just make sure you don’t opt for a harmful one. And that’s pretty much all for today in terms of how to keep cats from scratching furniture.

Clawing to the Chase (Pun Intended)

All pets need to chew and scratch; that’s an indisputable fact. Use the strategies I’ve elaborated on above to redirect these behaviors instead of discouraging them, and you’ll find the best answer to your ‘how to keep cats from clawing furniture’ question. So, are you a cat parent? Does your cat scratch sofa? What do you usually do to make the furbaby stop? You’re welcome to share your experience with your fellow-cat parents in the comment section below. Speak up and get the discussion going. Your opinion is highly appreciated here on Catademy.

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