Best Couch Material for Cats with Claws in 2022 at the Ready

Are you a cat parent on the prowl for a brand new couch? You’ve come to the right place. In this post, I’m going to elaborate on the best couch material for cats with claws at the ready. Yep, finding solid cat friendly furniture can be a daunting task. While you may want to focus on the aesthetic aspect, what you really need to look for in your ideal couch is cat-friendliness. So read on, learn all there is to know about cat resistant furniture and get ready to furnish your home the most practical way.

I hope that my tips below will help you make the right choice before splurging on a cat proof couch.

Best Couch Fabric for Cats: Reliable Options to Stick With

While there’s no such notion as 100% cat proof furniture, there are some fantastic options you can stick with to reduce the damage your furbaby does when in a scratchy mood. Bear in mind that the best scratch-proof fabric does not equal the best material that withstands random bathroom incidents or fur-shedding issues. In either case, if you’re rummaging the World Wide Web for the best couch material for cats, here are some great-yet-not-perfect options.

1. Microfiber: Best upholstery fabric for cats

If you’re searching for the most functional cat proof upholstery fabric, opt for microfiber. What is microfiber? Made from super tiny nylon and polyester threads, this dense, waterproof, and comfy material excels at deterring spills and stains. Also known as faux suede or microsuede, microfiber withstands kitties’ sharp nails like a pro. Furthermore, most whiskered honey simply aren’t fond of using microfiber for their scratch-malicious fun.

RHF Velvet-Sofa Slipcover

Just make sure you stick with top-notch microfiber if you want to make the most of its advantages. When it comes to the drawbacks of microfiber, it’s not the best fur repellent and is quite challenging to clean. Overall, microfiber and cats are a decent combination (I’ve already mentioned that there’s no such thing as perfection when it comes to choosing the best couch material for cat owners, haven’t I?).

2. Faux leather: Awesome choice, too

leather sofa

Faux leather (often referred to as pleather) boasts similar benefits to leather when it comes to picking the best couch fabric for cats. Pleather repels cat fur, and it’s a cakewalk to clean. Furthermore, a pleather is even less attractive to your scratch-loving buddy than leather. However, unlike leather, pleather’s claw-resistant capabilities leave much to be desired.

3. Other cat-proof fabric alternatives

cat on the red couch

Having asked my fellow cat parents, I discovered they call denim, synthetic polyester, and nylon among trustworthy cat-friendly materials. You’re also free to opt for viscose, spandex, and acryl if you want to avoid any anxious thoughts while resting on your couch with your feline companion.

Worst Furniture Materials for Cat Parents

When shopping for cat-proof materials, always avoid cotton, silk, tweed, and linen. They look beautiful and are fantastic to the touch, but they won’t stand up to cat claws even for a day. Suede is not the best couch material for cat parents, either. These materials won’t help you prevent your cat from scratching the furniture. Love velvet couches? It is better to choose a special cover from this fabric if you’re a cat owner. These covers are hypoallergenic and dense enough to withstand your furbaby’s sharp claws.

As for leather, it deserves special attention. All in all, it is not the best cat resistant couch material. Leather is not among the most reliable solutions if you’re looking for the best sofa material for cats that can be aggressive (or excessively playful) near furniture. Whether your whiskered companion is into scratching, shedding fur, or spilling stuff, leather is not a great choice. Do cats scratch leather?

Typically, it’s not their favorite scratching material, but yes, they do. Leather does handle scratches to a certain extent, but it’s still going to require regular (preferably annual) maintenance. To protect your leather sofa, you can use a quality couch cover for cat scratching. For cat parents, leather is a breeze to clean as it repels fur. However, if there are no special scratching posts in the house for your cat, your pet can find it excessively clawable.

So, What Fabric Is Cat Scratch Proof?

Feline behavior problems (as well as your cat’s natural behavior patterns) often come with certain damages; that’s a given. At the end of the day, there’s no purrfect cat scratch-proof material. However, there are some more or less reliable options that (combined with your knowledge of how to stop your cat from scratching the couch) are decent enough to please you with longevity and scratch-resistance. I recommend that you stick with pleather or microfiber when it comes to choosing the best fabric for your couch. So, what are your thoughts on the topic? Share your opinion with your fellow readers in the comments box below. Your two cents are important.

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