Indoor Exercise Ideas for Your American Wirehair

As pet parents, we all want our American Wirehair cats to be healthy and happy. Regular exercise is essential for their physical and mental well-being. But what if the weather outside is not cooperating, or you simply don’t have enough outdoor space? Fortunately, there are plenty of fun indoor exercise ideas that you can try with your feline companion to keep them entertained and active. From games and toys to physical activities, let’s explore ten creative ways to get your American Wirehair moving and grooving indoors!

Toys and Games

Toys And Games
Looking for ways to keep your American Wirehair entertained while also keeping them active? Toys and games can be a great solution, offering mental and physical stimulation for your furry friend. Not only will playtime help with your Wirehair’s overall health and wellbeing, but it can also strengthen the bond you share. In this section, we’ll take a look at some fun indoor exercise ideas that involve toys and games. To learn more about the importance of exercise for American Wirehairs, check out our article on the topic.

Paper Bags and Boxes

American Wirehairs love to play and explore. Not all toys need to be store-bought and expensive. Simple things like paper bags and boxes can provide hours of fun for your feline friend. They love to play hide-and-seek and climb in and out of them. To make it even more fun, you can cut a few holes for your cat to poke their paws out of or add some crumpled paper inside to make a rustling sound.

Benefits How to do it?
Gives mental stimulation Just leave paper bags and boxes in your cat’s play area and let them explore it on their own.
Encourages exercise and play There is no specific way to do it. These items encourage your cat to be active and they will do it on their own.
Cost-effective This is one of the most affordable ways to keep your American Wirehair entertained and engaged.

Playing with paper bags and boxes is not only a fun activity, but it also provides many benefits for your cat. It gives mental stimulation and encourages exercise, which is essential for maintaining their physical and mental health. If your American Wirehair is not getting enough exercise, you should check out some exercises they can do. This fun and affordable activity can easily be added to your cat’s daily playtime exercise routine.

Puzzle Feeders

Puzzle feeders are an excellent way to mentally stimulate your American Wirehair while also providing a fun exercise. These feeders are specially designed with compartments where you can place your cat’s food or treats, and they need to uncover them by solving the puzzle. This not only allows them to engage in natural foraging behavior but also helps in reducing eating speed, which is important for their digestive health.

Interactive puzzle feeders can help your American Wirehair to hone their problem-solving skills, sharpen their cognitive abilities, and prevent boredom. You can try different types of puzzle feeders, including ball spinners, cat puzzles, or slow feeders. Slow feeders, also known as food mazes, are especially great for overweight cats. They require that your American Wirehair work hard to get the treats or food out of the feeder, which helps in reducing the amount of food eaten at a single time.

Another type of puzzle feeder is treat balls, which are designed to make your American Wirehair’s foraging experience more fun and interesting. These feeders challenge your cat to play and hunt for their treats, which keeps their minds occupied and encourages physical activity. Treat balls can be filled with kibble or treats, and your cat can play with it to get the treats to come out by rolling the ball around the house.

To make your American Wirehair more interested in the feeder, and thus more engaged in the activity, try using different types of treats or kibble. Instead of regular kibble, you can use freeze-dried treats or small pieces of your cat’s favorite cheese. You can put the feeder in different places to stimulate your cat’s natural hunting instinct.

Puzzle feeders are just one of the many indoor activities that you can engage your American Wirehair in. Other activities such as indoor playgrounds, obstacle courses and interactive toys are some of the other ways to engage your cat and get them the exercise they need. However, before starting any workout routine for your American Wirehair, make sure to consult your veterinarian to ensure they are healthy and capable of performing the exercises.

To learn more about the benefits of exercise for American Wirehairs or how to develop an exercise routine for your American Wirehair, be sure to check out our articles on the benefits of exercise for American Wirehairs and how to develop an exercise routine for your American Wirehair.

Interactive Toys

Interactive toys are a great way to keep your American Wirehair entertained and engaged while also helping them to exercise their minds and bodies. These toys require your cat to use their natural instincts to problem-solve and hunt, which is not only fun but also beneficial for their overall health and well-being.

One such toy is the Trixie 5-in-1 Cat Activity Center, which provides your pet with five different games to play. This center includes a fishing game, a tunnel, a peg game, and more. The different games keep your cat entertained as they work to complete each one. You can even hide treats in the center of the activity center to encourage your cat to keep playing and exploring.

Another great interactive toy is the PetSafe Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug. This toy is perfect for cats who like to play and also love treats. The Tug-A-Jug dispenses treats as your cat plays with the toy, which keeps them interested and engaged. This toy also helps to encourage your cat to play for longer periods of time, which is great exercise for them both physically and mentally.

If your cat loves to hunt, the Catit Senses 2.0 Catnip Digger Interactive Cat Toy might be the perfect toy for them. This toy includes a digger and several different objects for your cat to “hunt.” The objects are infused with catnip, which makes them even more enticing to your furry friend. Watching your cat hunt and play with this toy is not only fun but also helps to keep them healthy and active.

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Cat Trees and Condos

When it comes to indoor exercise ideas for your American Wirehair, cat trees and condos are a great option to consider. These structures are specifically designed to stimulate your feline’s instinct to climb, scratch, and play. Here are some benefits of cat trees and condos:

  • Provides exercise: American Wirehairs love to climb, and having a cat tree or condo can encourage them to jump and climb, helping them stay healthy and active.
  • Prevents destructive behavior: Cats have a natural urge to scratch, and without an appropriate outlet, they may scratch items around your home. A cat tree or condo provides a place to scratch, keeping your furniture safe.
  • Reduces stress: Cats love to have their own space, and a cat tree or condo provides a spot for them to relax and observe their surroundings. This can reduce stress and anxiety for your American Wirehair.
  • Increases vertical space: American Wirehairs are climbers, and having a cat tree or condo allows them to use vertical space that they wouldn’t have access to otherwise. This can help keep them mentally stimulated and prevent boredom.

To make the most of your cat tree or condo, choose one that is tall enough for your American Wirehair to climb and offers plenty of scratching posts and platforms to jump onto. You can also place the cat tree or condo near a window so your feline can watch outdoor activities. With these tips, you can help promote your cat’s health and wellbeing while keeping them entertained indoors.

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Chase and Hunt Games

Chase And Hunt Games
Looking for a way to keep your American Wirehair entertained and stimulated? Why not try incorporating chase and hunt games into their daily routine? These types of games tap into your cat’s natural instincts and can provide hours of fun. Here are some ideas to keep your feline friend engaged and on the prowl.

Laser Pointer

Playing with a laser pointer is a great way to get your American Wirehair cat moving and active. The sudden movements of the laser pointer mimic the movements of prey in the wild, activating your cat’s natural hunting instincts.

To play with a laser pointer, follow these steps:

  • Choose a safe, open space with no obstacles that your cat can run into while chasing the laser pointer.
  • Hold the laser pointer about 1-2 feet off the ground, pointing it away from your cat to start.
  • Sweep the laser pointer back and forth in front of your cat, moving it slowly at first to let your cat get used to the movement.
  • Gradually increase the speed and movement of the laser pointer, keeping your cat engaged and active.
  • Make sure to never shine the laser pointer directly into your cat’s eyes. This can cause serious vision damage.

Tip: If your cat gets frustrated by the laser pointer because they can never catch it, consider ending the game with a tangible toy or treat that they can “catch” and feel rewarded.

While playing with a laser pointer is a fun activity, it is important to remember that it is not a replacement for physical exercise and should be done in conjunction with other activities and play options.

Feather Wand

One of the most popular and exciting indoor exercise ideas for your American Wirehair is the feather wand. This simple yet effective toy can keep your pet entertained for hours. You can purchase a feather wand from any pet store or make one yourself by attaching a feather to a long stick.

To use the feather wand, move it around in the air, and watch your cat chase after it. Encourage your cat to jump and leap to catch the feather. This activity not only provides physical exercise but also helps improve your cat’s agility and coordination.

Here are some tips for using the feather wand:

  • Use short and quick movements to imitate realistic prey movements that will keep your cat engaged and entertained.
  • Hold the feather wand at varying heights to challenge your cat to jump and stretch to reach it.
  • Rotate the feather wand in different directions to stimulate your cat’s natural hunting instincts.

The feather wand is an excellent tool for bonding with your American Wirehair, as playing with your cat helps strengthen your relationship with them. However, it is important to supervise your cat while playing with them to ensure they do not swallow any feathers.

The feather wand is a fun and interactive way to exercise your cat indoors. Incorporate this activity into your playtime routine, and watch as your cat becomes more active and healthier.

Remote-Controlled Toys

Remote-controlled toys can provide hours of indoor exercise and entertainment for your American Wirehair. These toys come in different shapes and sizes, including mice, cars, and even helicopters. Your cat will love chasing and trying to catch them as they scurry around the room. Here are some tips for using remote-controlled toys to keep your feline friend active:

  • Start Slow: If your cat is not used to remote-controlled toys, start by moving them slowly around the room. This will give your cat time to get used to the toy and its movements.
  • Use Treats: Use treats to guide your cat towards the toy, encouraging them to chase it. This will help to keep their attention focused on the toy for longer periods of time.
  • Change Directions: Make sure to change the direction of the toy frequently, this will keep your cat engaged, and prevent them from getting bored.
  • Make Obstacles: Create obstacles for your cat to jump over or around. This will bring out the hunter instinct in your American Wirehair and make the game more challenging.

By incorporating remote-controlled toys into your cat’s exercise routine, you will keep them mentally and physically stimulated. Additionally, playing with your cat using these toys can strengthen the bond between you and your feline friend.

Physical Activities

Now that we’ve covered some fun games and toys for your American Wirehair to enjoy indoors, let’s take a look at some physical activities that can also keep your furry friend entertained and healthy. These activities can help your cat burn off excess energy and maintain their fitness levels, all while having a great time. Here are some ideas to get your cat moving and stretching their muscles.


When it comes to indoor exercises for your American Wirehair, fetch is a classic that never gets old. This simple game can provide hours of entertainment and exercise, but it’s important to make sure you’re doing it safely in a confined indoor space.

How to play: Choose a lightweight toy that your cat can easily carry in their mouth, such as a small plush ball or soft toy. Clear a space in your home where there are no breakable items or obstacles. Toss the toy gently across the room and encourage your cat to retrieve it. When they bring it back, offer praise and a treat.

Variations: To mix things up and keep your American Wirehair engaged, try varying the types of toys you use, or tossing the toy up onto a piece of furniture to encourage jumping and climbing. You can also change the distance you toss the toy or toss it in different directions to keep your cat on their toes.

Safety tips: Be careful not to throw the toy too hard or too far, as overexertion can lead to injury. It’s also important to supervise your cat during play and make sure they don’t accidentally ingest any parts of the toy.

To keep your American Wirehair engaged and happy, try incorporating a game of fetch into your daily indoor exercise routine. Not only is it a fun bonding experience, but it’s a great way to keep your cat active and healthy.

Obstacle Course

Creating an obstacle course for your American Wirehair can be a great indoor exercise idea that not only keeps them physically active, but mentally stimulated as well. By setting up different obstacles around your home, you can create a fun and challenging course for your furry friend.


Obstacles Description
Tunnels You can use items like blankets or large cardboard boxes to create tunnels for your American Wirehair to run through.
Hurdles Set up small hurdles using household items like pillows or books for your cat to jump over.
Balance Beam Create a balance beam using a long, thin object like a broomstick or a sturdy piece of wood. Your cat can walk across it to test their balance and agility.
Trick Course Set up a series of tricks for your American Wirehair to perform, such as jumping onto a stool or crawling under a chair. This will help keep them mentally stimulated as they work their way through the course.

Be sure to allow your cat to explore and become familiar with each obstacle before starting the course. Encourage them with treats and praise as they complete each challenge. This is a great way to keep your American Wirehair active, engaged, and entertained all while staying indoors.

Stair Exercises

One fun way to get your American Wirehair moving indoors is by utilizing the stairs in your home. Before beginning any physical activity, make sure your cat is healthy and that there are no obstacles or hazards on the stairs. Once you’ve cleared the area, try the following stair exercises with your cat:

  • Stair Climbing: Start by encouraging your cat to climb up and down the stairs. You can use a treat or toy to lure them up and down the stairs, or simply call their name and show them the way. Climbing stairs is a great form of exercise that can help improve your cat’s leg strength and cardiovascular health.
  • Stair Running: If your American Wirehair is particularly high-energy, try running up and down the stairs with them. This can be a great aerobic workout for both you and your cat, but be sure to take breaks as needed and avoid overexertion.
  • Stair Jumping: For a more challenging exercise, try setting up an agility course on the stairs with hurdles to jump over. Start with low hurdles and gradually increase the height as your cat gets more comfortable with the exercise.
  • Stair Balancing: Balancing on the stair railings or banisters can be a great core workout for your cat. Start by encouraging them to place their front paws on the railing while keeping their back paws on the stair tread. As your cat becomes more comfortable with the exercise, you can try encouraging them to balance on all four paws.

Remember to always supervise your cat during stair exercises and to stop the activity if they begin to show signs of discomfort or fatigue. With a bit of creativity and patience, stair exercises can be a fun and effective way to keep your American Wirehair healthy and active while indoors.

Climbing Challenge

Cats love to climb, and providing a climbing challenge for your American Wirehair can be a fun way to keep them active. To set up this activity, find a suitable surface for your cat to climb on, such as a cat tree or shelving unit. Make sure it is sturdy and can support your cat’s weight.

Step 1: Start at a low level or platform and encourage your cat to climb up using their favorite toy or treats as an incentive.

Step 2: Once your cat has successfully climbed the first level, encourage them to climb to the next level by placing their toy or treats there.

Step 3: Continue this process until your cat reaches the highest level of the surface. Be sure to reward your cat with plenty of praise and treats along the way.


  • Make sure the climbing surface is safe and secure. Remove any hazardous items or objects that could cause injury to your cat.
  • Make the activity more challenging by changing the position of the treats or toys, or by increasing the height of the climbing surface.
  • Don’t force your cat to climb if they are not comfortable with it. Allow them to explore at their own pace and provide plenty of positive reinforcement.

By providing your American Wirehair with a fun and challenging climbing activity, you can help them stay active and engaged while also providing essential exercise for their physical and mental health.


After trying out these 10 fun indoor exercise ideas for your American Wirehair, you’ll notice a significant improvement in their physical health and overall well-being. It is important to keep your American Wirehair active and stimulated, as they are typically energetic cats that need daily exercise to stay healthy.

By incorporating toys and games into their daily routine, such as paper bags and boxes, puzzle feeders, interactive toys, and cat trees, your American Wirehair will have a great time while staying active and mentally stimulated. Chase and hunt games, like the laser pointer and feather wand, are also great ways to keep your cat entertained while getting them moving. Adding remote-controlled toys to their playtime routine can also challenge their physical abilities and provide a fun way to exercise.

For a more physical workout, fetch, obstacle courses, stair exercises, and climbing challenges are perfect activities. Not only will your American Wirehair get a good workout, but these exercises can also help with their agility and balance.

Remember to always monitor your cat during playtime and adjust the exercises according to their capabilities and age. With these fun indoor exercise ideas, you’ll have a happy and healthy American Wirehair in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best indoor exercise ideas for my American Wirehair?

The best indoor exercise ideas for your American Wirehair include toys and games, chase and hunt games, and physical activities.

How often should I exercise my American Wirehair?

Your American Wirehair should be exercised for at least 20-30 minutes a day, but this can vary depending on their age, energy level, and health.

Can indoor exercise be just as effective as outdoor exercise?

Yes, indoor exercise can be just as effective as outdoor exercise as long as you provide your American Wirehair with enough physical and mental stimulation.

What kind of interactive toys are best for my American Wirehair?

The best interactive toys for your American Wirehair include puzzles, treat-dispensing toys, and toys that mimic the movements of prey.

What are some benefits of playing chase and hunt games with my American Wirehair?

Playing chase and hunt games with your American Wirehair can help improve their agility, reflexes, and focus. It also mimics natural behaviors and provides mental stimulation.

How can I make obstacle courses for my American Wirehair?

You can make obstacle courses for your American Wirehair using household items like pillows, boxes, and tunnels. Make sure the obstacle course is safe and not too challenging.

Is it safe to use a laser pointer to play with my American Wirehair?

While laser pointers may be fun, they can be harmful to your American Wirehair’s eyes and mental well-being. It is best to use toys that mimic natural prey instead.

Should I consult with my veterinarian before starting an exercise routine with my American Wirehair?

Yes, it is always a good idea to consult with your veterinarian before starting an exercise routine with your American Wirehair. They can provide you with personalized advice based on their specific needs and health status.

What are some benefits of using puzzle feeders for my American Wirehair?

Using puzzle feeders for your American Wirehair can help improve their problem-solving skills, reduce boredom, and slow down their eating pace.

Can climbing challenges help improve my American Wirehair’s muscle strength?

Yes, climbing challenges can help improve your American Wirehair’s muscle strength, agility, and balance. Make sure the climbing challenge is safe and fits their abilities.