10 Best Flea Collars for Cats in 2022: The Ultimate Buying Guide


Fleas pose a huge health risk to our cats. They may eventually cause cat flu, tapeworms, flea allergy, typhus as well as anemia. Most first-time pet owners imagine that regular baths can get rid of any possible pests on their pets. However, the baths may keep cats clean, but they are not enough to get rid of ticks and fleas.

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Extensive itching, biting off their fur, and agitation are good indicators for the presence of fleas on our cats. One should, therefore, check around the neck and at the base of the cat’s tail for the presence of any fleas. That’s why today we will talk about what a cat flea collar is and what the best cat flea and tick collar can fit your pet and your needs.

Cat flea collars are accessories soaked with insecticides that can kill fleas on cats still being safe for cats themselves. As a certified vet and cat owner, I believe I have enough experience to assess the ingredients, design, and longevity of such collars. I am not saying that your cat is not entitled to a bath with these best cat flea collars, but this accessory is significant in your cat’s well-being.

The baths are essential in getting rid of dust your cat may have accumulated while messing around, while flea collars protect from different dangers.

Below you can find a list of cat flea collars I find the best ones to stay with. I have prepared a detailed description of each position to help you to choose the right flea collar for your cat easily.

Best Flea Collars For Cats Reviewed

I have seen many cat flea collars in the market claiming to eradicate fleas on cats. With such variety out there, it is important to pay attention to the real expert review. Those flea collar for cats reviews I found on the web were not too helpful since some of them aimed to bring more sales in favor of the collars that proved to be unhelpful or even harmful during my vet carrier. Based on numerous feedback from my clients and friends, and after some research into the ingredients and design of collars, I have come up with a list of my preferred choices. Now, I am ready to advocate for these collars to my readers who have to wonder which flea collar is the best for cats.

First and foremost, you need to be aware of the two basic functions of flea and tick collars, which are treating and repelling. Treating is whereby the insecticide applied on the collar that has to be absorbed into the cat’s skin; therefore, once pests bite the treated cat again, they get insecticide that kills them within 24 hours.

There are some other insecticides that can kill fleas upon whichever contact is made. The second function, which is fending off the pests, is made thanks to the ability of some flea collars for cats to give off gases that ward off the pests. Now that you know the basics read on the following reviews on the cat flea collars worth taking into consideration.

1. Seresto Cat Flea Collar – Best Cat Flea Collar

The Seresto flea and tick collar are at the peak of my list. I even advise my clients to use it. And by the way, many flea collar for cat reviews also recommend this collar. The collar does not cause blemishes or leaves marks on cats; there is no stench as well. In addition to this, the collar does not cause secrete grease. Imidacloprid and Flumethrin are the insecticides used on the collar. The polymer matrix on the collar discharges controlled amounts of the chemicals.

For that reason, you should not be concerned about any undesirable effects of the chemicals to your pet. The fleas are slain within the initial 24 hours of wearing of the collar. Any fleas that may be in the surroundings that are picked up by the pet are also killed within the first 2 hours. The Seresto flea and tick collar for cat remain working for the subsequent eight months. The cats are secure from any infections brought about by the fleas because the fleas do not get any chance to bite the cat; they are killed through any contact made.

There is no cause for alarm when you see ticks hanging on the fur because it is a matter of hours before they die and fall off. The Seresto flea and tick collar for cats leave no permanent scars on your pet’s neck since the collar is soft, smooth, elastic, and can easily be stretched if needed. Here are some pros and cons to mention.

  • One of the most widespread options
  • Works fast
  • Non-toxic
  • Lasts only eight months

2. Runner-Up: Hartz Cat Flea Collar

The Hartz flea collar is not so different from the Seresto flea and tick collar as it is made using the same specifications. For instance, the collar can be easily adjusted to fit the cat’s neck. At the same time, it can be broken away when the cat is at any danger. The reflective ability of the collar aids the cat’s night time vision making it see better during the night. In addition to that, the Hartz flea collar cats are claimed waterproof. However, it should be taken off when giving your cat a bath or when it is playing in the water.

The insecticides used in this collar differ from those of the Bayer’s Seresto flea and tick cat collar. There are the S-methoprene and tetrachlorvinphos applied which kill the fleas, their eggs, larvae together with any ticks on the feline’s body. This collar, however, lasts for a lesser period of time, which is seven months.

The collar is enhanced with growth hormones to eliminate all the fleas. After touching the collar, one is expected to wash their hands with plenty of soap and water to completely get rid of the chemicals since they may be harmful to our health. However, the ingredients used for this collar, are not harmful to cats, so you don’t need to worry about that. Keep in mind that the use of the Hartz flea collar for cats should also be regulated because the chemicals may cause a skin allergic reaction to cats. For instance, the loss of hair on their neck due to the strength of the chemicals used.

  • Water-resistant
  • Has healing properties
  • Lasts for only seven months

Alternatives: Best Flea Drops for Cats

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Advantage II 6-Dose Large Cat Flea Prevention, Flea...
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1. Bayer Advantage II Cat Flea Drops for Cats Over 9lbs

The Bayer Advantage II flea and tick drops safeguards the cat against fleas, ticks, their larvae, and eggs for over one month. These drops are made for heavy cats that weigh over 9lb. The difference is in the number of chemicals used. Naturally, heavier cats will require a higher dosage than smaller cats. I would recommend these flea drops as one of the safest cat flea drops for big cats because they are not risky to handle and cause no allergic reaction to cats and humans. No stains and collar marks will be left on the cat fur because the drops are non-slimy since they are not made with the use of any oils. The drops have nice water-repelling abilities, and their lack of a scent bestows them an added advantage over other drops. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of these cat flea drops that I would like to highlight specifically.

  • Non-greasy
  • No stains
  • Water-resistant
  • Can be used for a short period

2. Bayer Advantage II Flea Drops for Cats under 9lbs

The Bayer brand is usually trusted for infestation prevention in both cats and kittens. It caters for cats of different sizes. As an added measure to ensure that the chemicals used are just enough for your cat, this brand has different drops for the smaller cats. The Bayer Advantage II are arguably the safest flea drops for cats that weigh 5-9lbs. Instead of 6 applications of flea prevention treatment, these drops have only two. Despite the lower dosage of treatment, some small cats may still exhibit various reactions the first time of usage. Sneezing is one of these reactions.

The Bayer Advantage II work through contact where a flea is killed the moment it comes into contact with your cat. What is the best cat flea collar or drops? It is the one that works through contact. This means that your little pet will not have to suffer through flea bites at any point. Just like the Bayer drops for cats over 9lbs, these are capable of killing fleas that are in any stage of their life cycle. In a way, the drops may prevent infestation, especially by destroying eggs and larvae. These drops are so good that I wish they lasted for longer.

  • Contain the right amount of treatment for a small cat
  • Prevent flea bites by killing through contact
  • May cause sneezing when first worn by the cat
  • Last for one month only

flea drops application instruction

3. Sentry Flea Drops for Cats – One of the Safest Solutions

The Sentry flea and tick drops are tough on fleas and ticks and do not spare any of these pests. Although they last for a period of 30 days, the product can be purchased to cater for the pest eradication for the next six months. In addition to this, they act as a mosquito repellant for one month from the time it began being used. The drops are only used on cats that have attained the age of 8 weeks. A powdery and fresh scent is produced by the drops, therefore not causing sneezing by the pet or the pet owner. The drops can be adjusted to meet the size of your cat, whether lean or chubby.

The active ingredient of these drops is Fipronil, which is one of the safest ingredients. So the drops do not pose any threat to the household. They are, therefore, suitable for use on pregnant and nursing cats. While using the drops, one should be aware of your cat’s weight to avoid any complications that the chemicals may pose to underweight cats. I would not recommend this option for very large cats as the number of chemicals may not be enough for them.

  • Safe to use even for pregnant and nursing cats
  • Fresh scent
  • Not for large cats
  • Expensive

4. Cherisitin – Best Cheap Flea Drops for Cats

The Cheristin Flea and Tick drops can be worn even on kittens as young as seven weeks old unlike a good number of the drops made for full-grown cats only. The Cheristin drops are efficient for six weeks only. Nevertheless, I would have preferred if it lasted for a longer period of time because six weeks is a bit short period of time. However, when we talk about kittens, they grow really fast and need a larger dosage each time, so these six weeks is the right time to buy new drops. With that in mind, it is more important to make sure that the kitten is safe. With these drops, larvae, eggs, and fleas are killed straight away with the help of the cat-safe chemicals.

The drops are simple to put on cats and are water-resistant. The drops are also accompanied by a reimbursement pledge, so pet owners are assured of getting back their money if the products are not satisfactory. An appliance is provided for application of the chemical. No need to worry because the chemical dries up very fast and your cat’s fur will not be stained. Here are some good and bad points I find about this model.

  • Water-resistant
  • Comes with a return policy
  • Fast drying
  • Suitable for kittens
  • Works for a short period of time

Apart from my top picks, there is a great number of collars that can work well for you. If you have not picked a cat flea collar model yet, take a look at these additional collars that I also find pretty useful.

Spride Flea and Tick Collar

Spride flea and tick collars for cats are only recommended for cats who are aged three months and above. The collar eradicates fleas and their larvae, lice, ticks within 24 hours after putting it on a cat. The collar offers a shield from pests for a period of 8 months, that’s why it is also among the best cheap collars for cats. This model is made from ingredients safe for cats, they possess properties that do not cause allergic reactions on cats, so you don’t need to worry about it. The collar can be fastened on the neck easily because it has an uncomplicated latch. From all the collars I have assessed, this Spride flea and tick collars for cats is the only one collar that comes in different colors. Take this into consideration if you like colorful accessories for your cat! Also, as most of cat flea collars, this one is waterproof. Check out what I find good and bad about this collar.

  • Soaked with natural materials
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to put on
  • Water-resistant
  • Comes in different colors
  • For cats aged three months at least

Rolf Club 3D Flea Collar for Cats

Rolf Club 3D collar is also soaked with naturally-made insecticides and is mostly advisable for cats who are allergic to the chemical components. Fleas and ticks are killed using the citronella oil, geraniol, and cinnamon oils that the collar is soaked with. The collar is also made impermeable to water and is among the list of best cheap collars for cats because of its durability. It remains helpful for a period of 6 months. The natural ingredients can also slightly irritate your cat’s skin and fur because of their slightly acidic pH, but I would like to note that there are really small amounts of the natural ingredients applied on the collar to avoid skin irritation. Other than that, the collar is unscented that’s crucial point for many cat owners. Here are the advantages and disadvantages related to this cat flea collar model.

  • Cheap
  • Soaked with natural oils
  • Durable
  • No scent
  • Does not prevent infestation
  • May cause irritation

Tuzik Flea and Tick Collar for Cats

The Tuzik Flea and Tick Collar gained popularity among my clients because of no chemicals used in it, making it one of the best cat flea and tick collar of this year. This collar is oil-soaked since it comprises of several oils extracted naturally. This is the best alternative to the Seresto flea and tick cat collar since it is harmless and does not have any hazardous effects on the cat’s coat. The oils used in the preparation give the collar a nice aromatic smell. The collar is hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, and waterproof. The effect of this collar lasts for 12 months! Despite it being soaked with natural ingredients only that usually don’t work that long. However, the collar may not be fully effective in comparison to the chemical insecticides-based models since the strength of natural ingredients is often limited. Check out the good and bad sides of this cat flea collar.

  • Non-toxic
  • Soaked with only natural ingredients
  • Water-resistant
  • The effect lasts for 12 months
  • May not kill all the pests in case of severe infestation

Premium Flea and Tick Collar

Premium flea and tick collar contains tetrachlorvinphos chemical as the basic soaked ingredient for eradicating the pests. I would like to note that there is a larger amount of chemicals used for this collar, but it doesn’t exceed a safe amount. This collar appeared to be among the best cheap collars for cats because of the money-back guarantee if the product does not meet the buyer’s expectations. The collar kills all fleas with any of their eggs, but it is not the best solution for preventing infestation since it works for a short period of time. This cat flea collar is waterproof and can withstand soggy conditions. Its life span is only 8 months long; however, during this time you don’t need to worry about fleas for sure. Check out the pros and cons of this model below.

  • Water-resistant
  • No chemical smell
  • Cheap
  • Does not prevent infestation
  • Works for 8 months only

Arava Cat Flea and Tick Prevention Collar

This Arava Flea and Tick collar are used as a repellant for fleas and ticks which feed on the blood of the cat they attack. This collar can work for six months. It worth mentioning that this model is totally safe for use even on kittens. This cat flea collar is not toxic and is made up of safe ingredients. The collar is also resistant to water exposure. A lot of my clients stay with this type of cat flea collar. It has a really nice look, yet it smells a bit strange. Nevertheless, here are the pros and cons of it.

  • Non-toxic
  • Water-resistant
  • Slight unpleasant smell

Tuzze Flea and Tick Collar for Cats

This Tuzze flea and tick collar remains competent for the next eight months and still continues to control pests even when exposed to water for protracted periods of time. It is, therefore, one of the best flea collars for cats. When wearing the collar, a cat is protected from fleas, their eggs, larvae, and ticks. This model is also soaked with natural oils that are safe for cats.

The collar is very effective, and the chemicals’ killing abilities on the pests kick in immediately. This Tuzze flea and tick collar can easily be manipulated to fit the cat’s neck. It is, however, advisable to constantly check the tautness of the collar on your pet on a weekly basis to ensure it has not become tight since all pets are growing continuously and may need an allowance space around the neck. This collar is not made from any pesticides and is also 100% natural. Check out the good and bad points of this model.

  • No pesticides
  • Kills all pests
  • Can cause greasiness

Grotaus Flea and Tick Collar

The major job of this Grotaus flea and tick collar is repulsion of ticks and fleas. The cat is guaranteed to be protected from fleas and ticks for 12 months. The collar starts working without delay upon being worn onto the neck of the cat. This collar for cats is comprised of natural oils that kill fleas and ticks within the initial 24 hours subsequent to its application as well as repel the pests. What is also remarkable about this particular model, the natural properties of the oils used to improve the fur quality of the cat while repairing any fur that had initially fallen off. This accessory, like similar models, is water-resistant. Check out the pros and cons I’ve highlighted below.

  • Lasts longer than most collars
  • Works instantly
  • Water-resistant
  • Oils are beneficial for cats
  • May irritate the skin of some cats

Rokey Flea and Tick Collar

One of the reasons I placed this Rokey flea and tick collars in my record of the best cat flea collars is because of money-back guarantee and many positive customer reviews. A pet owner is assured of a refund 60 days within the day of purchase in case the collar doesn’t work well. However, from my experience, I can say that this collar works immediately upon being worn by the cat. This flea collar model works in the same way as the rest as it prevents ticks, fleas, their larvae, lice together with mosquitoes. Once the collar is put to use, it lasts for a period of one year! Water-resistance is also a key feature of this collar. In addition to this, the collar is fitting and doesn’t need constant regulation of the size. Here are the advantages and only one bad point I consider for this collar.

  • Guarantee of a refund
  • Can be used for a long period of time
  • Water-resistant
  • Has a slight smell that some may find unpleasant

Masold Flea and Tick Collar

I would advocate this Masold Flea and Tick collar to those on a stretched budget and still want to get a reliable way to safeguard their cats from fleas and ticks. This model is arguably the best cheap flea collar for cats. The collar’s capabilities are those of slaying fleas and ticks within a few hours, and the protection from pests is assured for basically one year.

The manufacturers of this collar have made sure that the customer’s satisfaction is the major thing they look into. Thus, the collar is elongated, estimated to be approximately 23 inches. It fits any cat, no matter of the size. All you have to do is fiddle with the collar until it matches the size of the cat’s neck while leaving some spare inches as an allowance for the collar to move around the neck. It should be made to allow cat properly breath, move, and grow. One can tell that the collar is fitted slackly around the cat’s neck by placing two fingers between the neck and the collar to leave ample space. This collar is, therefore, among the safest flea collars. However, some of my clients complain that it can stain the fur when locked too tight. So, let’s take a look at the good and bad of this model.

  • Can be used for one year
  • One of the safest options
  • Stains the fur

Rydor Flea and Tick Collar

Rydor Flea and Tick collar is a hypoallergenic collar designed with waterproof abilities to prevent the collar from damage. This Collar is, therefore, one of the best flea collars for cats infested with fleas and ticks. In addition to this, I would like to mention that there are only natural oils used in the making of this collar. So, in case you do not want to use chemicals and worry about any allergic reactions, you can be sure that no harm will come to your cat while wearing this collar because it is not poisonous. At the same time, this flea and tick collar is not costly compared to other models, therefore making it fall in the category of the best cheap flea collar for cats available in the market. Check out the good and bad about this cat flea collar.

  • Water-resistant
  • Soaked with natural oils
  • Cheap
  • Can be used for a short period of time

Fedciory Flea and Tick Collar

The Fedciory flea and tick collar is made in the way to protect the cat from allergies, and it does not affect the cat or the pet owner in any way. The formula used is proficient in eradicating all ticks and fleas as well as any other pests such as mosquitoes and lice that may attack cats in line with the flea collar for cat reviews. The cat is safeguarded from these annoying pests for a period of 12 months. This cat flea collar can be modified with an allowance of 25 inches to fit and match any cat’s neck.

The exceeding length of the collar can be cut off if deemed necessary but only after leaving an inch or two for an alteration of the size. This ability to alter the size of the collar has made this model highly popular among my clients and friends. A reflective varnish is also added onto the collar, making it visible even when the cat is in low lighting. Here are good points and one con of this collar.

  • Collar is adjustable
  • Non-allergenic
  • The collar is visible even in the dark
  • Has an unpleasant odor

Protecto’s Flea and Tick Collar

This Protecto’s flea and tick collar are used to exterminate both ticks and fleas. The length of time it kills the fleas and ticks however differs. The collar kills fleas for a period of up to 8 months while killing ticks for a period of up to 3 months. The collar, however, kills practically all the ticks that may have taken up residence on your cat’s fur and skin in the initial 24 hours of its exploit. The results are visible instantly; itching of the fur ceases.

The ingredients used in making the collar are lemongrass oil, clove oil, and cinnamon leaf oil. The use of these oils gives the collar a spicy aroma that is sweet-smelling. However, it is not recommended to purchase this collar for kittens under six months. Here are advantages and one con of this model.

  • Soaked with natural ingredients
  • Eco-friendly
  • Not for kittens

How to Choose the Best Cat Flea Collar? Top Things to Consider

To sum it all up, as a vet and cat owner, I believe that my opinion does count in influencing your judgment. Pest control is vital for your cat, and from the findings above, you can see a great number of cat flea collars to choose from.

When picking a cat flea collar for your pet, there are three points you need to keep in mind:

  • Your budget. How much are you willing to spend on a cat flea collar?
  • Whether you or your pet might have any reaction towards the chemicals used on the collar.
  • The durability of the material used for making the flea collar.

Despite proving to eradicate fleas and ticks, the flea collars for cats do not take care of all pests. Other methods, like flea shampoo, therefore, need to be used hand in hand with the collars to ensure that your pets and household are pests-free. Some pests tend to lay their eggs and hide in crevices where it is hard for the insecticides to reach them, but with prolonged use of a flea collar, you can protect your cat from this danger.

Flea sprays, spot-on treatments, and the liquid form of the tick and flea controller can also be used. These methods, although highly-effective, are not totally safe because of the toxic chemicals Imidacloprid and Fipronil, the two major chemicals that are used in such tools. Therefore, you may turn to additional protection for a very short time when needed, and the rest of the time a flea collar will do its job fine.

FAQ on Cat Flea Collars

Do flea collars for cats really work?

You must understand that your cat can get fleas even without leaving the house. Same goes for avoiding communication with other cats. Even if you have just one cat who stays at home 24/7, you have to make sure that the cat has the protection from pests.

Regular baths are good, but they can’t prevent fleas and ticks from getting on your cat. Yet, your cat will be clean and possibly irritated. Once your pet starts itching and biting itself, you can consider it as a sign to check the fur on the fleas. Check the neck and tail first. You may also go to the vet and ask for help.

There are different medications and injections for treating cats and kittens from fleas and ticks. However, I personally prefer a collar as one of the least stressful remedies with the long time action. Collars are usually soaked with special ingredients that kill pests without harming the cat. It is important to make sure that the collar does not call an allergy cause any rush and it must not contain strong chemicals.

It is important to buy reliable collars with ingredients that will not harm your cat. Do not buy the first collar you see in the supermarket. It is extremely important to make sure that your cat does not have a problem with the collar. Check the advantages and disadvantages, read other pet owners’ reviews. After that, you can pick the color that you like and put it on your cat.

If you are not sure about how to pick the best collar for your cat, you have to take these factors into consideration:

  • Choose the collar with the soaked in remedy. It must not contain chemicals and other harmful substances for your cat;
  • The smell of the color does not have to disturb the cat;
  • The collar must not provoke allergies;
  • The collar must be made from materials that do not harm the cat’s skin and fur;
  • It must be reliable and guarantee at least 6 months of active action.

There are thousands of cats’ collars on the market. You have to find out which one is the best for your cat. It also needs to match the flea shampoo you use for your cat. If you use other medicines for your cat, consult with your vet about the collar you can use. I recommend you read all the warnings and recommendations that developers mention in the description of the collar. Some of the medical treatments can’t be combined with collars that contain chemicals.

The best collars also give some kind of guarantee or 100 percent money return. Developers of these collars usually offer clients up to 1-year guarantee.

How well do flea collars work on cats?

As I said earlier, the cat flea collars have insecticides applied onto them. The insecticides that are used are either in liquid or solid state and are picked based on the buyer’s preference. I presume this is where the question how well do flea collars work on cats comes in. Let me explain how both of these options work on the flea collars.

The solid insecticides are mixed with resin, a phenolic compound that is used in getting rid of pathogenic an insects’ attacks. Once applied onto the collar, the chemicals are released in the cat fur through the constant rubbing of the collar and the skin of the cat. If the solid insecticide is spread through dispersion, fleas only need to come into contact with the chemical for it to work on them.

Absorption insecticides work when the fleas bite the cat skin since the chemicals had been absorbed into the skin. Liquid insecticides, on the other hand, are released in gaseous form. I would like to note that this approach is not as effective as the solid type since all it does is repel the fleas and not kill the pests. Through this lethal combination, the fleas are killed within 24 hours, and the collars are usually keeping protection for about eight months.

How long does it take for a flea collar to work on a cat?

The flea and tick collars are usually extremely effective. They start acting immediately after you put them on your cat. However, the productivity of the collar may depend on its quality. On average, the collar is highly effective in the first 24 hours, but the result may be not really noticeable at first. It may take up to 2-3 weeks until you stop seeing your cat biting or itching itself.

As a responsible pet owner, you must understand that collars that contain chemicals work faster than collars that have only natural ingredients. They are more effective and take less time to exterminate all the pests on your cat’s skin. However, if your cat does not have the urgent problem with fleas, or you want to put a collar as a preventive measure, I would definitely recommend you to try something of the natural series. They may take longer to work, but they’re safer for the animal and suit both young kittens and old cats.

There are also some factors that will make the process faster, besides the components of the collar:

  • The permanent usage. The best way to protect your cat from fleas is to make sure that you don’t put off the collar, even while washing your cat. Check out whether it is waterproof since this is extremely important;
  • Cat’s hygiene. Keep your cat and its tray clean. Don’t forget to use a flea comb. Everything in the environment that surrounds your cat must be free of fleas. Pay attention to your carpet. It is necessary to vacuum the floor at least once a week;
  • Stage of the infestation by the flea. The faster you find out about the problem, the easier it is to get rid of these pests;
  • Your cat’s health.

How long should a cat wear a flea collar?

You will find the average active time of the collar on its pack. On average, the collar developers offer you at least 8 months of active work. The collar starts working from the moment you wear it on your cat.

The complete extermination of pests on your cat may happen during 2-3 weeks if it is a collar with the chemicals like Flumethrin and Imidacloprid at work. If the collar does not contain chemicals it may take up to 5 weeks on average. You don’t have to worry about anything and you can also use other remedies together with the collar if they are mixable. But do consult with your vet before you do it.

Some collars offer you 8 months guarantee, while others are considered for 12 months. This is the best option for those cats who don’t like to change collars. However, you have to make sure that your cat will wear it for 12 months without trying to get rid of it. It does not have to cause allergies to your cat.

If you notice that the fleas are still there after several months, this is a sign to change the collar immediately or try to add remedies.

What cat flea collar is best to combine with Capstar?

Multiple flea collars can be used in combination with the Capstar. However, I strongly advise you to visit your vet before you combine medications.

I would personally choose Seresto collar. Firstly, it guarantees 6 months-effectiveness. Secondly, it does not contain any pesticides that could be harmful in combination with other medications. It is totally safe for cats of all ages. I trust it because the collar was medically tested and certified. And even children can play with cats in such collars.
When do you need to use the combination of Capstar and collar? Usually, you need to do it when there is a high potential danger for your cat to get fleas. It may happen:

  • While you are walking with a cat in the forest;
  • If you are going to meet other cats;
  • When you are visiting a new home with a cat in it;
  • When you are traveling.

While your cat is already used to the collar, you can give it a Capstar. However, don’t forget that this measure is only temporal. You can’t continue to use both Capstar and the collar on your cat. I also do not recommend to use both remedies on small kittens, without the urgent necessity. If you worry that much about fleas, you can try mixing the collar without chemicals and Capstar.

Can a flea collar make a cat sick?

Some collars may cause allergies and harm cats. This is why it is extremely important to follow the recommendations of your vet and learn everything about your cat’s health, including allergies.

The first thing that you must understand is that even the collar material can become a problem. On my list, there are no elastic collars that are hard to get off in potentially dangerous situations. It is the usual problem when cats choke themselves with these collars.

Do not pick the collars with toxic ingredients that may be harmful not only for fleas but for the cat as well. Read the ingredients and check them out. It is OK if the collars contain a small number of chemicals, like Seresto collar, for example.

Pay attention! You can’t put the same collar on a cat and a dog. Ingredients that are not harmful to one of the pets may kill another.

The cat can get sick even of the smell of the remedy contained in the collar. It is not a slight smell like Arava Flea and Tick Prevention collar has. This collar is made from non-toxic components, and safe even for kittens. Cheap collars that smell awful may cause poisoning or your cat dizzy.

If your cat has allergies, consult with your vet before picking the collar and read a review of collars in the article. I specifically mentioned some collars that maybe not be suitable for cats with allergies.

Now You Can Buy the Best Collar for Your Cat

I hope that my detailed overview of the best flea cat collars for your cat was pretty helpful. As a vet and pet owner myself, I can assure you that the cat flea collars reviewed in this article are safe to use and work well. With this information, you can buy the best flea and tick collars for cats to ensure a happy life free of your pet.

Have you gotten some eye-opening information from this review? What cat flea collar did you like the most? Or maybe you are still not sure of which flea collar is best for cats? I would love to hear your opinion and answer your questions if any arise. Comment below to let me know what you think about these products.

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  1. The Bayer Advantage II is the safest flea collar for cats like mine. She is quite a big girl, and it took some time to find protection for her. Due to your review, we handled this problem. Now she feels good, no itching, no complaints. The fur is clean and shiny cause it’s really non-greasy! Thank you!

  2. Hello! Thank you for such a useful piece! It’s always interesting to read your blog! I’d like to know what cheap flea collars for cats are effective and safe, in your opinion.

    • Hello, Erica! I’m glad my review was useful for you! The Seresto brand makes collars for budget-friendly pet owners. You don’t need to sacrifice quality for the price. The collar is effective, non-toxic and destroys ticks and fleas for up to eight months. It doesn’t leave any scars or other traces of use.

  3. Hi, everybody! Thanks to the author for this review. I’ll choose one of these collars for my kitty. But I still don’t understand whether cat flea collars help when a cat already has fleas?

    • Most collars are an option for pets who are not suffering from fleas yet. They are effective not at curing, but at preventing. In the review, you can also find special curing collars, which include active components that destroy fleas before they bite.

      First, you need to clean your cat with shampoos and sprays, and only after that put on the collar.

  4. Hi, cat mommies and daddies! Thank you, Hazel, for the great review! I’ve always been wary of collars. I’m afraid that chemicals can harm a pet. Could you tell me, what is the best natural flea collar for cats?

    • Hello, Hannah! Natural Pet flea collar includes all-natural options for those who prefer to avoid the use of chemicals. It’s a non-toxic alternative for cats with sensitivities skin. The fleas will be destroyed due to different oils like geraniol, cinnamon, and citronella oil.

      There are also some cons, despite natural components. The smell of some ingredients can irritate your cat. Especially it concerns the citronella oil. However, it’s the right choice for flea prevention.

  5. I read a couple of sentry flea collar reviews to find out the pros and cons. Yours is the clearest and the most detailed! Thank you for this piece. I purchased it for my future mommy, and everything goes fine now. I’d especially like to note the smell: before that, I always came across some harsh and not very pleasant smells.

  6. Reply
    Sunshine_shines 27.03.2020 at 13:35

    Hi, Hazel! My name is Phoebe. Your review helped me find the best collar for my cat. She used to fight the collars, but this thing from the Spride brand is perfect for her. Everything is fine now, but I wonder what I should do if my pet licks her flea collar for cats?

    • Thank you for reading, Phoebe. I’m happy my review helped you! Usually, the chemicals from the collar can cause stomach upset. If you are sure that your cat licked it, you should call the veterinary.

      As for the Spride flea and tick collars, they are hypo allergic and don’t contain substances harmful to cats. You don’t have to worry about that.

  7. Thank you, Hazel, for this great review! It was so hard for me to find a suitable collar for my cat. He doesn’t like any collars and always wants to pull them off! He likes to play with it. The only one he can’t pull of is Arava Flea & Tick Prevention Collar. This is the best flea collar in my opinion. Thank you for your recommendation! The collar is undoubtedly very useful; the cat always comes home without fleas!

  8. Hello, Hazel! Thank you for such a diverse list! It’s very helpful for my kitty and me. Could you tell me please what the safest flea collar for cats is?

    • Hello, Masey! Thank you for your kind words. I’m here for you! All products from the review are safe enough. The main thing is to consider the age of your kitty, follow the instruction, and keep track of how your pet feels. As for the components, you can choose the collar that includes only vegetable oils.

  9. Hello, Hazel! Thank you for your review. I used a few collars from the list, including collars from Bayer. They work perfectly for all my pride, but now I have a specific situation. Are flea collars for cats dangers for pregnant cats?

    • I took in a pregnant cat who had a horrible flea case. So when I took her to the vet, they said it’s fine to treat a future mommy. She wore a collar, and I also cleaned the surrounding area. After the birth of kittens, I used a flea comb; it’s safer for babies, i think. Good luck with your kittie!

  10. Hello, cat lovers. Thank you for this article, Hazel! I always wear flea collar for cats on my tailed guys when they begin to make a promenade and bask in the sun in the spring. I liked collars from the Spride brand. Stunning colors, kitties are now so stylish, and most importantly, protected from all troubles.

  11. Hello, Hazel! Thank you for the review of the best flea collar for cats! They are wonderful. We bought Cherisitin Flea and Tick Collar and the problem with fleas was solved. Our cat stopped itching, although she continually walks on the street. Previously, we didn’t need to poison fleas; the collar managed itself.

  12. Hi, Hazel! This post is useful and informative, thanks. I didn’t even know that there are so many different collars. I have a question. Do cat flea collars work and if yes, how do I understand if they do?

    • Hello, Rita! I’m glad to help you! You need to be very careful and watch your pet for several days after you put on a protective accessory.

      The collar provides reliable protection five days after being worn on the cat’s neck. You will notice the effect, as the cat will become less restless, stop itching. You can also check for fleas manually.

  13. Thanks to the author! I’m glad to see my favorite product in the review. Grotaus flea and tick collar is the best variant for my tailed squad. This cat flea collar didn’t cause any allergic reaction, even to the most sensitive cats. And the protection is adequate. I think it lasts a little longer than stated, tested on ticks and fleas.

  14. We took our kitty when she was four months old. It turned out that she had fleas. I thought that even the best cat flea collar couldn’t handle them. Before we put on it off, we treated the withers with drops against fleas, it took three days and then put on the collar.

    It is better to use everything in a complex, for example, first drops (or flea shampoo) and then a collar.

  15. Hello to cat fans! Could somebody say at what age can a cat flea collar be used? My Liza is six months old, and I’m afraid to harm her.

    • You should look over the instructions. There should be info about age. From my experience, it’s better to find out the kittens’ age from which to put on the collar, after how long the collar begins to act, and for how long it’s active.

      The last time I bought a collar with these parameters: the kitten must be at least nine months old, the collar started working in two to three weeks, and the duration of the action was about six months, but in fact, it looked like it worked much longer.

  16. Hi, Hazel! Thanks for the great review. Do flea collars work for cats only? I also have a small dog, so can I try it for her?

    • Hi, Mickey! Thank you for reading! Cat collar manufacturers often have products of the same series for dogs. For example, Seresto has a line for cats, large, and small dogs. So if you already have a favorite brand of products for cats, you can try their line for dogs.

  17. Thank you, Hazel, for your cat flea collar reviews! I never thought it starts to work so fast! I stayed to my office for four hours, and when I came back, I found a few dead fleas. She stopped itching by the evening. The poor thing used to be scratched, and shampoo did not help.

  18. Hazel, thank you for this wide range of cat flea collars! The review is just right for me! My cat is wearing a Seresto collar for years. Now she is pregnant, but she still goes for a walk. So I think I’ll try The Sentry flea and tick collar to protect her.

  19. : Hazel, thank you so much! In this cat flea collar review, I found the best for my kitty, The Tuzik Flea and Tick Collar. I like how it contains only natural components. There was no reaction like allergy or irritation. The kitty’s fur is bright and clean, everybody is happy!

  20. Great piece! Read your Hartz flea collar for cats review and decided to try. It healed the kitty I took from the street. My cats never went for a walk on the street. So I was afraid that she would infect the other members of our vast cat family. Fortunately, nothing wrong happened. Everybody is clean and healthy.

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